Soak up the Sun
(Freewheelin’ Friday #31)

The bright days kept on being bright last week!
But with the sun shining through our blinds I noticed something…

… how dirty my windows and blinds were!

You can’t see it on this photo but believe me – two smokers in the house
leave you with a thick layer of nicotine on the windows and blinds…

… and since the bicycle racers in the Tour de France had their day off –
no telecasting on Wednesday – I spend that day cleaning the windows
and the blinds.

Why do I post this, you ask?
Well, for starters – I’m not the “housekeeping kind of woman”.
And second: It took me all day and left me with muscle pain in my arms so yes,
I want the world to know I CLEANED THE BLINDS!! YEAY!

My beloved got infected by this cleaning virus and he decided to go polish
our dining room table on Wednesday evening… I gotta say: he asked first
’cause – as you know – that’s the place where I create.
I had no deadlines waiting and the table really needed a polish so I said
go ahead but ooohhh, it always takes over a day (polish – oil – wait for the
wood to absorb the oil –  rub – oil  – you get the picture) before we can sit
at the table again so I found myself at a loose end yesterday…
I just didn’t know what to do with myself! I have no problem with having
diner on the couch in front of the TV but did you notice that the BEST
scrapping ideas come when you’re not able to scrap??!!!


But of course I wouldn’t leave you on a Friday without showing a layout…


here’s the layout I made as a guest designer for Scrapping the Music.

The song for this week is “Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crowe!
It’s a great summery song with uplifting lyrics and a bright, singable melody.
There’s a beautiful prize package to win this week so check it out!

I made this page in my art journal and there’s paint involved, permanent
markers, copics, scraps from a music sheet, images cut out of magazines…
I think it ended up as a bright and happy page!

More brightness and happiness, it doesn’t seem to end this week!
Look what the mailman brought just now… happy mail!!!
I did a swap with my friend Danielle.

We agreed to “send
each other a nice
envelope of some
sort.” She filled hers
with pages from the
Saturday Evening
Post from 1948 –

I LOVE the adds
and old drawings,
quotes and
cartoons! She also
added some “fake
money”, play cards
(monopoly?) and
bingo cards…



(and it seems I can use the table again to work on this weekend.
I definitely will go and play with all this beauty!!!)


You might recognize this logo?!

Last February, a bunch of ladies had
a lot of fun during my workshop “Let
it Loose” and many beautiful pages
were created (check the public gallery
on my website.) I planned to repeat
the workshop in May, but with the
Summer coming up, the sun shining
and the flowers blooming all around,
there was not much interest in it.
I postponed it to September then,
thinking that would probably be a
better time – after the Summer
holidays and with the kids going
back to school… I hope I’m right?

Let it Loose starts on September 6
Registration is now open!!!
Check here for more info!


And here starts my weekend (still 5 more weeks to go before my son returns
from the USA.) I plan on art journaling, watching the Tour de France and
taking it slow. What are your plans? Anyone going to CHA???
Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend!

Je t’embrasse.

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13 Responses to “Soak up the Sun
(Freewheelin’ Friday #31)”

  • Irma Says:

    Hoi! Heerlijk hè, als de ramen weer helemaal schoon zijn, maar bij ons zien ze er al na twee weken weer helemaal ongepoetst uit! Ik ben weer helemaal weg van je page…hach, en wat je allemaal in die envelop had. Bofkont!
    Ik zit nog steeds te twijfelen, of ik je workshop zal gaan volgen…ik heb nog een beetje de tijd…
    Een heel fijn weekend – Irma

  • Christa P. Says:

    Great layout!
    And wow, clean windows and blinds-awesome!!

  • Lena Says:

    Je layout voor Scrapping the Music is fantastisch!! Vrolijk en zonnig… helemaal passend bij de titel!!
    De kids zijn net voor drie weken naar hun vader, vannacht vertrekken ze naar Schiphol om met het vliegtuig naar Turkije te gaan. ‘t Voelt nog raar, alsof ze voor een jaar vertrekken ofzo… Ach, je weet wat ik bedoel… Misschien moet ik ook de ramen maar eens gaan zemen! (hihi)

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    I applaud you for cleaning the blinds!!! Yeayyyy for you! (I’m not much of a cleaner either). I also LOVE your Soak Up The Sun layout, and I’m so glad you are our guest designer at Scrapping The Music this month!

    and P.S. EVERYONE: I can vouch that Let it Loose is an absolutely AWESOME Art Journaling class! I took the first class and it was a lot of fun, and I now have a whole, completed book, filled with awesome art from those assignments!!!

  • Danielle Says:

    lOVE THE STM page!! Did you draw the little music on top? Gorgeous!!!

    Aww! You make me blush!!! I’m so glad it was the ’48 pages I sent you!! That is the better one!! Enjoy the goodies. I am totally excited to see what you make using them!!

    PS. I already had 12 Copics before I bought the 36 pack. I am in Copic heaven!! BUT, they will never replace my beloved paints!! LOL

  • dani Says:

    my windows are so dirty too….. really need to clean them!

    And yes, great ideas always come when I’m not at my desk and then when I do sit down at it – nothing! so annoying!

    Gorgeous page, love those yellows.

  • Hanneke Says:

    Zo lekker ijverig geweest!!! Ik keek net ook even uit het raam enne die mogen ook wel weer een zeem hebben!!! 🙁 Wat heb je weer een prachtige LO voor stm gemaakt zeg, moooie foto!!
    Ook hier wordt de tour helemaal gevolgd, ik moet zeggen dat ik er niet zo veel mee heb, maar ik vond het gister wel leuk om mee te kijken!!
    Geniet lekker van het weekend, en 5 weken zijn zo voorbij!!!
    Groetjes, Hanneke

  • Angèle Says:

    Mooie, zomerse pagina voor je art-journal Marit! Prachtig met die foto! Ik hou van ‘t geel! Mis de zon nu al op deze vroege zaterdag. Maar niet de temperatuur 😉

    Heb een fijn weekend! Groetjes, Angèle

  • anne Says:

    Love love love your “soak up the sun” page! i’ve been letting the humidty get me down lately so i’m going to use your LO as inspiration to re-think my attitude! i know in just a few months i’ll be desperate for some sun so i need to let it soak deep into my bones now and just enjoy.

  • Viv Says:

    Prachtige foto van je ramen en jaloezieen, dat moet toch een heerlijk gevoel zijn geweest vandaag met zo`n mooi weer en schone ramen 😉

    Mooie art journal pagina, heerlijk met al dat geel.
    Vandaag heb ik ook van de zon genoten, kan er geen genoeg van krijgen!

    Groetjes Viv

  • yyam Says:

    Your layout for STM is just awesome Marit! Wish I could go the CHA…I’m sure I’ll come back brimming with new ideas! 😉

    Have fun creating in the next few weeks!

  • Monica Says:

    i’m not a cleaning sort of girl either, so YAY to you.

    great journal page, very summery, very happy, and funny text. good point! lol

  • Thinkie Says:

    hè, let it loose loopt altijd terwijl we op vakantie zijn. Of ligt het eraan dat we zo vaak op vakantie gaan? 😉