Why I am who I am…

This is going to be a somewhat different post.
It depends on you if you will notice the importance of it.

You can look at it as just a post – a long post – and if you don’t feel like reading
you just look at the layout I made for These are a Few of my Favorite Things.
(The challenge was to scrap your favorite band) If you do that, you probably
“scan” the large amount of text that follows to see if your eye catches another
important wordΒ  (which I don’t think will be the case) – then go to the comment
section and type some nice words about what I made.
You can do that. I have no problem with that.

But this layout that I’m about to show you tells a whole story about me.
There’s a lot of emotion in there and there’s a lot of growing up that you won’t
be able to see if you don’t read the words that I wrote to go with it.
So if you want to know me just a little bit better, deeper…
I recommend you take your time to read this post.
Even listen to the music.
Watch the bands.
Bands you know,
bands you don’t know.

I’m going to explain where it all came from.
I will lift a corner of the veil.
MY veil.
This is how I grew up.
This is part of why I became who I am today.



Here’s the layout I made.

(Used material: Plain white cardstock, alpha templates,
black marker, red Copic marker)


A warm Summer day. A young woman sunbathing in her backyard.
She has long, black hair. Her eyes are outlined with black eyeliner and she
wears a crocheted bikini. From where she lays, she can see her husband
standing at the entrance of the antique shop they own.
He wears jeans, a bright coloured shirt and he has a beard. He smiles.
She hums along with the music that’s coming from the house.
Then, a little girl comes dancing from the house.
“Yes dear”
“That music mom, who is that?”
“That’s a band called the Beatles honey”
“They sing in another language, don’t they?”
“Yes, that’s English”
“Do you know what it means, what they sing?”
“Yes sweetie, they sing “daar komt de zon” (here comes the sun)”
“I thought something like that already mommy. It sounds that way.
I really like this song!”
“That’s nice love, I do too”

The little girl’s grown up now, but she clearly remembers the first time she
realized that music, even though sung in a language that she didn’t understand,
conveys a certain emotion and tells a tale…
I am that little girl.

On my layout: Beatles – Here comes the sun


One year later and I am aware of music. I’m aware of radio.
Some music I like, some I don’t.
I understand the words when it’s in Dutch, but most songs are sung
in a language I don’t understand. English.
And then, one day, I hear a song on the radio in another language.
Not Dutch, but not English either. I can hear thΓ‘t much.
But what’s most special: this is a popsong sung by kids!

In the evening, I watch “Toppop” – a Dutch music show.
And there they are. Kids. Boys. French boys.
There is a whole group of them!
They are my age, they dress like I do – following the latest
fashion – and they have a hit record!
My mom not only speaks English, but also a little French, and
she helps me out with the words again.
“No, no, nothing changes. Everything, everything continues”

On my layout: Les Poppys – Non, non, rien a changes


A new group hits the charts in Holland. A Scottish band.
Five young “lads” – barely older then I am. They wear clothes with
tartan piping along the pants. I’m just at the right age (and so is my friend
– Hi Lena!) to fall head over heals with these boys. From that moment on,
we become BIG FANS. I wear tartan. I buy all their records. My teenage
room is filled with posters. I have scrapbooks. 7. (Yes, SEVEN!)

On my layout: The Bay City Rollers – Bye Bye Baby


Halfway my teens. I go out on Saturday nights, I have dates and I take the
posters of the Bay City Rollers off the wall. They are sooooo “childish” and
“over” and “un cool.” I want to be cool! I want the boys to look at me as
a rock chick. I wear tight jeans and a leather jacket. I have long hair and
a comb in my back pocket. The music to go with that? Ha, you Dutchies know!
Herman!!! Herman the drug addict. Herman, the coolest junkie on earth!
ZZZZSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAHH! (Watch the video to understand this one!)

On my layout: Herman Brood & his Wild Romance – Saturdaynight


I finish my marriage as well as my high school.
TheΒ  Summer of ’83 – before I move to another town to study to be a teacher
in arts – I live in a house which I share with 3 other girls. One of them
becomes my best friend. We talk all night, we go out and dance all night,
we drink all night, we go to the cinema to watch all the Bunuel movies and
we party! I’ll never forget the Summer of 1983.

On my layout: U2 – Party Girl


I’m in my twenties and I become more and more myself (I am no party girl!)
I meet a guy (he will become the father of my son) and we go live together.
We are both students and we don’t have much money but one weekend we go
to Brussels. I don’t remember how we could afford that, but we went to a big
cinema to see the movie “Stop Making Sense”. I liked the music, those strange
words (I understand English by now!) but what most fascinate me are the
costumes! Looking back, it’s sooo “eighties” but when I saw this movie on DVD
a few Months back, I still was in ooh and aah.
That big suit – oh my – that big suit!

On my layout: Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense


I have a degree as an art teacher. I have a degree as a social pedagogue.
I’m in my thirties and I can’t find a job. I’m “too old”, they say.
So I stay at home with my son. One day, in Summer, I sit outside in the small
back yard when a storm rises up. I go inside to put on a cd – I open the window
to the garden, I go back outside and sit under the overhang. There’s thunder,
there’s lightning. The rain comes down as if it was monsoon and it’s hard to
tell if I hear the music or the weather. I listen to Jim Morisson’s voice mixed
with the rain and I decide to not let myself fade away.

On my layout: The Doors – Riders on the Storm


I left the father of my son and I live in a apartment. My son lives half the week
with me, and every other weekend. I’m a so called “co parent”.
I have a job and I meet a man. A man who understands me. A man who brings
out the best in me. A man who knows a lot about music. Every time when I
say I like some sort of music, or describe what I like,Β  he buys me the right CD.
Mostly bands I’ve never heard – but he never fails to surprise me with just the
right music. The music I meant but not knew it existed.

On my layout: (Gram Parsons) Flying Burrito Brothers – Devil in disguise


I hit the forty… eeeckkkk. But it’s no big deal after all. I feel better then ever.
I live together with the man I love. My son is going strong. Our house is a
very very very fine house! I discover scrapbooking. I love life.
Sometimes I think back on some periods, and then I’m glad I decided to
not fade away. Glad for not giving in. For staying strong and go for it.
So000 glad – here’s a metaphor…

On my layout: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair


My beloved comes home with a DVD of a concert. As usually, I don’t know
the band. And, as usually, he gives me a little history lesson.
Jorma Kaukonen – famous guitarist and Jack Casady – legendary bassist of
the band Jefferson Airplane. Oh. OK. Right. Let’s watch the DVD then.
Normally, when M. brings home another concert DVD, I watch for 10 minutes.
Something like that. Not this time! WOWZAH! My beloved still manages to
surprise me with “new” (which actually is old) music.

On my layout: Hot Tuna (live at Sweetwater) – I See the Light


Are you still here?
Did you read it all?
Did you listen to the music?
Welcome to my world!

Je t’embrasse.

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33 Responses to “Why I am who I am…”

  • Lena Says:

    Oh my god!!! You blew me of my feet with this post!!! I just adore your layout and it brought back some memories reading about the Bay City Rollers… *sigh*
    I always knew you were great with words but this post tells me you really have writer skills!! I read everything from top to bottom and LOVE every word of it! BIG congrats on this post!!!!

  • Carmen Says:

    What a beautiful and very open post. I did read it all (how could I not?) and I did visit the music. Thank you for sharing this with us, I just love what you created too. I love the clean yet rocky feel to your page πŸ™‚

  • Peggy Says:

    Ja hoor, ik ben hier nog, heb het allemaal gelezen en naar alle liedjes geluisterd… wat een prachtige post Marit! Wat heb ik genoten! Het is wel duidelijk dat muziek een belangrijke plaats in je leven heeft, en de manier waarop je dat chronologisch weergegeven hebt is fantastisch! Bedankt om ons je een beetje beter te laten kennen… intrigerend…

    Liefs xxx Peggy

  • Irma Says:

    WOW! Ik heb natuurlijk alles gelezen (wat denk jij dan?)en al loop je een klein beetje voor op mij qua tijd ;-), zitten er een paar muzikale stationnetjes tussen die ik zo in mijn leven kan kopieren. Ook een U2 concert waar Bono een song opdraagt aan de net overleden Herman Brood…moest ik gelijk aan denken!
    En ik verheug me al zoooo op U2 in Rome…Nog 8 weken! Yeehaa!
    Lieve groetjes – Irma

  • Jenneke Says:

    Goh, wat een prachtige post, Marit… Ben er stil van.
    Ik bewonder je manier van schrijven (moet je wat mee gaan doen!!), je voortreffelijke engels en je openheid!
    We hebben een heel andere muzieksmaak maar een aantal nummers zijn ook voor mij heel erg verbonden met bepaalde periodes in m’n leven (Beatles, Poppys, Bay City Rollers).

    Je layout is GEWELDIG!!!
    Dankjewel dat je weer met TAAFOMFT hebt meegedaan!!


  • Julie Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I read and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!!! I loved this SNEAK PEAK INTO your musical LIFE!! WOW WOW WOW!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Beatles too…in fact I saw a t-shirt from Abbey Road yesterday that I wanted to buy SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly, but but but but…I was SUPPOSED to be buying Adam’s Back to School clothes…sooooooooooooooooooooooooo back it went on the rack!! LOL!!! This was one AMAZING trip you gave us Marit and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you for it!!! That lo is just WOW WOW WOW!! Thanks my love for playing along with FAVE THINGS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    Good Morning dear Soulsister ~ YES indeed music shapes our lives and you have expressed it SO beautifully here in words, on your page and with the fabulous links, I clicked each and every one. I got to find out about some new to me artists (Les Poppys, Bay City Rollers … think I was listening to The Beach Boys ;), Herman Brood) … and revisit some favorites of mine too!
    It is first thing in the morning for me here in Virginia and the type on your blog is in light light gray, so I have to lean in very very close to the screen, almost like you are whispering to me … so glad I did!

    Thank you for sharing so beautifully and sweetly, I adore who you are dear Marit!
    I think you would enjoy John Mayer too, his songs tell stories and his guitar playing is fantastic!
    Stop this Train and Heart of Life are two extra special songs of his that come to mind.
    Rock on πŸ˜‰

  • Chris Aiton Says:

    Wow!!! I love your layout and your blog post – It was so cool to read your life’s journey through your musical loves – I feel like I know you so much better now. thanks for sharing your musical soul!

  • Valerie Says:

    I’ve always been very connected to music and feel I could define chapters of my life with it, too. Thanks for sharing this – it’s amazing and I’m completely inspired πŸ™‚

  • Mirjamc Says:

    marit wat een mooie post!!!…en ja ik heb het helemaal gelezen…wat niet zo moeilijk is omdat je prachtig kunt ‘schrijven’…heb alleen de liedjes nog niet geluisterd πŸ™‚
    je lo is ook helemaal top, ik vind de letters erg gaaf en mooi met wit/zwart/rood!

  • kelly noel Says:

    this is such a neat post! i read the entire thing and can totally relate to feeling like your life has had a “soundtrack”. thanks for sharing this!

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Jeetje, wat kan jij vertellen zeg!
    Daar “moet” je iets mee gaan doen.
    Wie weet, ergens in de toekomst…
    Wat een GeWelDige layout Marit.
    zo origineel en uniek!

  • MichelleC Says:

    What a beautiful story. I love how you paired your memories with the songs at each point reflected on.

  • Viv Says:

    Een prachtig verhaal gaat schuil achter deze LO!
    Ik vind hem helemaal te gek Marit, weer erg origineel!

    En ik ben wel een beetje jaloers op jouw schrijf kunsten, en dan ook nog eens in het Engels…petje af!

  • Michele H. Says:

    This is an amazing amazing post! I can visually see it all!! Thanks so much for sharing this part of yourself with us πŸ™‚

  • michele Says:

    i love love love this!!! and you are SOOO right … there is a song for every event, every stage, every major memory of life, isn’t there? fantastic page.

  • yyam Says:

    Wow! A really cool layout Marit! Thanks for sharing your musical journey with us! I have songs that I enjoy that relate to significant events in my life too! πŸ™‚

  • Monica Says:

    what a beautiful post marit! i love how music is a timeline for your life.
    i enjoyed the journey. thanks.

  • Maja Says:

    Wow,ik vind je layout HEEL ERG gaaf!! en je post misschien nog wel gaver!!! Je kunt het zo goed opschrijven. Geweldig echt waar!!! Ik zie dat we qua muziek een beetje dezelfde smaak hebben en het tijdvak komt ook overeen!!!! De Poppys… ik was ze eigenlijk al vergeten………….

  • Jessica Says:

    I read, I listened, I loved every minute! Awesome Marit…really awesome.

  • Hanneke Says:

    Wauw Marit wat een geweldige post wat leuk om je zo een beetje beter te leren kennen!!! ik moet eerlijk zeggend dat ik niet alle muziek ken , maar wel een paar!! Wij kregen laatst een cd met allemaal oude liedje en daar stonden ook Les Poppys op en ik herinerde me precies hetzelfde als jij!!! Helemaal leuk dat je meedoet met ons!!!
    Liefs, Hanneke

  • jana Says:

    This was a great misic journey. You really put down an amazing story and I love the page, so pop-art!

  • Annemarie Says:

    A wonderful story. I felt I was walking right along with you. Many bands I had not heard of but I enjoyed listening to them. Music has an important tie in my life too. Yesterday as Peggy and I were driving to Austin we had a radio station that plays almost any kind of music. Different songs would come on and I would say, “Hey, I was in …. grade when I heard that!” It is fun to use music to remind us about who we were. Thanks for sharing.

  • Miruspeg Says:

    What a delightful post Marit. Music is a huge part of my life too…..I couldn’t imagine life without music.
    And thankyou for sharing so many personal details.
    You are a treasure.
    Peggy xxxx

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    This was such a cool post Marit and it really is true about the soundtrack to one’s life!! I can’t say my tastes were the same but I did listen to the talking heads, long live the 80’s baby!!! haha Love your layout too. I did one a while back about my decades of music and I really treasure it. It really brings back memories for me.

  • Joanie Hoffman Says:

    Hi Marit,
    This is fantastic! It’s a great way to share your life & your emotions, isn’t it? If you have some time, please go to the December, 2008, Archives of my blog where I did something like you’ve done. Music is very personal. Thank you for telling us about you! xox, Joanie

  • Danielle Says:

    MARIT!! I feel so honored to have listened to the music with you!! As you know, from your class, I am very close to my music. it speaks for me, when I have no words. I know you get it!!
    Lovely piece you’ve made!!
    Bay City Rollers!!! HAHAHA!!! You know I am only slightly younger than you, and I remember the BCR’s fondly!!

  • Jessi W. Says:

    I loved this post!!!! So glad you told the story and linked the music up to go with it…amazing how important music can be in our lives, how certain songs can define a moment in your life….beautiful!!! Thank you so much for playing with us at Fave Things πŸ™‚
    Love, Jess

  • heyjenrenee Says:

    oh marit … i love this post so much. i love how you have tied these songs to distinct memories of times throughout your life; just brilliant. reading this was almost like watching a movie. super cool, girl, super cool.

  • Michelle Says:

    this is just wonderful!!! I love it.. such detail… your rocked this challenge… thanks for playing with us!!!

  • Thinkie Says:

    the last few years I haven’t listened to music a lot, I enjoy the little silence I can get. But I love music that resonates with how I feel, in lyrics, music or both. And I have tunes in my head all the time.

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wat een geweldige reis door de tijd via de muziek! Super post Marit!
    En je layout is ook al zo geweldig mooi! Prachtig dat muziek zoveel herinneringen en gemoedstoestanden teweeg kan brengen, daarom hou ik er ook zo van.. en jij ook! Heerlijk! Erg bedankt!

  • Deana Says:

    AWESOME page, Marit! Great design & so FUN!

    Thanks for joining us! πŸ™‚