Where I’ve been and what I did
(Freewheelin’ Friday #35)

Most of you guessed it already: I’ve been in Zeeland the past few days!
My dad was here last Monday and I took the opportunity to ride back
home with him to stay a few days with him and my mom and visit my
friend Lena. I took my camera with me and although I always do that
when I visit my parents, most of the time I forget to take pics while I’m
there. But this time I actually used the camera and took some photos!
(Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge)

Here’s one of me
that shows the
overall feeling
I had while being
in Zeeland…
relaxed and
easy going!

See that orange
vest? I saw it in
a boutique and
it screamed to me
“I am made for you”
– and since my mom
thought so too
she bought it for me!

Thanks so much mom,



On Tuesday afternoon, mom and I went to the market place.
Fresh vegetables and fruits – yummie!


We drank tea on a terrace.
This is my mom’s hand, and there’s a story to go with all those rings she wears.
I’m planning an art journal page about it, so I’ll explain it with that page.


My friend Lena lives in the same village as my parents.
(Did you visit her blog yet? Don’t you just LOVE her collages?)

Lena and I spend the Wednesday afternoon together.

Best friends since 6th grade – that’s 35 years!!!
(Lena on the left – with the necklace – and me on the right; and don’t you
dare to think that we wore those sunglasses to hide droopy eyelids –
it really WAS sunny weather!)


We spend the afternoon in Veere, a picturesque
and photogenic little town in Zeeland.


Old streets, vista’s, old facades and sunny weather –
what else is there to long for?


My dictionary says this is called a vista (“doorkijkje”)
and when you visit Veere, be sure to wear flat shoes!


The old pier…


… where I took of my shoes to show Lena (and you)
the bright colour nail polish I bought this summer.


I took the train back to my beloved, who was impatiently
waiting for me – and not only because he had some work to
do for me *teehee* – on Thursday.


Five days in which I didn’t create this week (had other work to do today)
and I’m really starting to miss it! Hope this weekend will leave me
some time to dip my hands in ink and get all messy!

I still do have my weekly art journal page from the week before last
(week 32) to show you though!

Friday – at the end of the afternoon – and I can finally start my weekend!
Some nice “Summer days” lies ahead (at least that’s what the weatherman
promised – did you hear that Peggy?!) and I hope to spend them well.

My plans?

  • Visit all your blogs!
  • Writing my first newsletter with an announcement (if you submitted
    to the newsletter you can expect it this weekend. If you didn’t submit:
    do it now or come back for the announcement on my blog next week.)
  • Work on the weekly art journal page for this week and start a new page
    for the new prompt at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
  • Oh, and I can think of a lot more nice things to do…

And then there’s this:

  • My son is gone for 6 weeks now – he will land on Dutch soil again next
    Sunday (August 29) and I can’t wait to see him again!
  • I changed the colour of the type on my blog to a dark grey.
    I hope my posts are better readable for all of you now!
  • I will be in Heesch next Friday (08/27) somewhere between 11.30 and
    12.00 If you plan to go there too, let me know. Maybe we could meet!?

I’ll leave you with some wise words – sorry I couldn’t resist, I saw a concert
of him on TV the other day…

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen ~

Je t’embrasse.

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21 Responses to “Where I’ve been and what I did
(Freewheelin’ Friday #35)”

  • Lena Says:

    Aaah, we had such a great time in Veere! It was so good seeing you again amd we had so much fun taken those pictures…
    I LOVE the pic of your moms hand with all the rings! It really is sooo her!!
    I kinda like that guy in your weekjournal; it seems like he is reading something funny you wrote… Fantastic page!!!!
    And uhhh… we should do photosessions like these more often!!

  • phinner Says:

    oooh, how fun to hang out with Lena!!! (I do have her blog in my reader!!!) I love seeing your face Marit!!! the color in the photos is fantastic and how wonderful is that picture of your Mom’s hand and teacup! can’t wait for the story! I hope you have a good weekend!!! : .)

  • Jenneke Says:

    Onverwachte vakanties, zoooo heerlijk!! Ben blij dat je genoten hebt en ons door je foto’s een beetje hebt laten meegenieten! Leuk ook dat je Lena weer gezien hebt!!
    Heesch????? Oh, wat lijkt me dat leuk!!!!!!! Ga er zeker over nadenken!!!!!!

    Geniet van je weekend!


  • Viv Says:

    Wat een heerlijke en relaxte week heb je achter de rug, het straalt gewoon van de foto`s af!!
    Leuke foto van jou en Lena, Veere ziet er gezellig uit!

    Je art journal pages zien er weer gaaf uit, origineel hoe je het spinnenweb hebt geschreven!

    Een heel fijn weekend toegewenst, liefs Viv

  • anne Says:

    what a wonderful time away! love the photos – beautiful spot!!! looking forward to see what you do with the “mom’s rings” photo…enjoy the weekend!

  • Hanneke Says:

    Wat ziet dat er heerlijk uit!!! Lekker zeg zomaar een paar daagjes weg!! En wat een leuke foto’s, dat vestje staat je SUPER!!!!! Mooie pagina heb je weer gemaakt!!
    Fijn weekend!!!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    What an awesome post Marit! I love all the photos of your adventure with Lena! and that orange vest is FAbuLous!!!

  • Angèle Says:

    Heerlijk voor je Marit! Fijn dat jullie genoten van elkaar!
    Geniet van je weekend! Groetjes,


  • Petra Coolen Says:

    I loooooove your sunglasses 🙂

    Mooie foto´s Marit!
    Wist niet dat jij en Lena al zo lang vriendin zijn… Geweldig toch.

    Succes in Heesch!

  • Peggy Says:

    Hihi Marit, ja hoor, ik ben een paar dagen weggeweest van blogland … en zoals je dus al dacht, was ik aan het genieten van het goede weer. Ik zat gisteren nog net te denken, wat goed dat we toch nog een paar zomerdagen mogen meemaken! Voor vanmiddag beloven ze weer mooi weer, hoewel het er nu (het is nu 10 uur) nog niet zo uit ziet … bewolkt, grijs, net echt aangenaam. Maar ik blijf hopen … Jouw foto’s zijn echt prachtig! En wat leuk dat je wat tijd met Lena hebt kunnen doorbrengen (ik ben helemaal weg van haar werk trouwens, en ze is zo lief!!!). 35 jaar beste vriendinnen, wat geweldig!!!

    Met de 5 kids hier in huis deze laatste 2 weken heb ik nog steeds geen kans gezien om te beginnen in mijn art journal, maar ik geef mijn ogen goed de kost en hoop er toch snel aan te kunnen beginnen. Ik ben zo benieuwd naar hoe het er gaat uitzien! Ik hoop dat ik ooit zo’n prachtige pagina’s als jij kan maken. Ik heb zoveel in mijn hoofd zitten op het ogenblik en geen tijd om het uit te werken … frustrerend!!!!

    Heesch … Marit, dat vind ik nu toch zo spijtig!!! Kurt heeft 3 weken verlof, en wanneer begint hij terug te werken … juist ja, vrijdag!!!!! En met de vroege, dus ik kan niet komen :-((((((((( Hopelijk een volgende keer ?????

    Liefs xxx Peggy

  • Annemarie Says:

    How fun to go to Zeeland. I am glad you were able to get away for a little while. Now, let’s get back to work! 🙂

    School starts this Monday. The students will be decorating the fronts of journals. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll send you pictures.

  • Terri@PringleHill Says:

    Marit, thank you soooo much for sharing your getaway, your Mom and your friend, Lena! By the way, orange suits you! Your new vest is amazing!!! What a great post. After enjoying your pictures, I feel as though I’ve had a bit of a holiday too! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    one of my all time favorite quotes Ms Marit
    aren’t you (and your dear friend) just too cute and happy looking basking in the sun!

    how special to have some time away … makes home all the sweeter

    and YES, the first thing I noticed was the nice and easy to read print! in fact, it is so much easier to read I thought perhaps you enlarged it a wee bit … thank you missy … I am glad I said something … says me sitting up straight in her chair now 😉

    happy weekend dear one!

  • lucy edson Says:

    That looks so relaxing, Marit!! Enjoy your trip!

    We had a great time at the beach, too. I’m still trying to get caught up. 😉

  • Irma Says:

    Wat heerlijk zeg, dat je er zo even tussenuit kon en je ouders kon bezoeken. Zeeland is prachtig! Dat is iets wat ik hier echt mis, de zee…
    Fijn he, om nog steeds “kind” te zijn wat af en te een extraatje van mama krijgt. Daar geniet ik ook zo van! 😉
    Een hele fijne, inspirerende en kreative zondag – Irma

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat heerlijk zomaar een paar dagen er tussen uit! de foto’s zijn prachtig, veere lijkt mij een mooi stadje om eens te bezoeken!

  • Monica Says:

    fabulous time! and what a beautiful place too.
    love that vest, have something similar in purple.
    beautiful rings, just my style. look forward to reading about their stories.

    and your journal page came out gorgeous. that picture of that woman (?) is amazing.

  • Chris Aiton Says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all – how cool to spend time with Lena and your parents – love that orange vest – and I look forward to the story about your mother’s rings. Have a super week!

  • yyam Says:

    It certainly sounds like you had a great relaxing time with your parents and your best pal! Love your beautiful photos! And your art journaling page! 🙂

  • Thinkie Says:

    mooie pagina’s! Veere staat ook nog op ons ooit-bezoeken-lijstje 😉

  • merryheart2 Says:

    oh, i just love your photographs. i love it when a vacation actually is relaxing and rejuvenating.

    i cant’ wait to read the story about your Moms rings.

    that vest so pretty, and it does suit you perfectly.

    happy weekend, friend.