Dec 28 2010

Top 2000 blog party
(#1199 – #893)


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Turn on your music boxes and listen to the music!

First of all: Happy birthday love!!!
Since it’s my beloved’s birthday – I throw in a bonus especially for him!
This is an old layout – and I used the lyrics of a song of one of his fave bands:
Chicago (He only likes the older songs, with Terry Kath on guitar.
He doesn’t like the later – high singing – drama songs!
I know he would want me to let you know  😀  )

This song is in the top 2000 at #1649
Here’s to you love!


OK, let’s get on with it!

Day 4 of the top 2000… ENJOY!

(If you want to play along, read this post for details )

Here are the layouts ordered by number…
(remember you can click on the image to enlarge for a better view)


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