Jun 3 2009


Have you visited A to Z photo yet? It’s such fun!

I noticed ever since I read the A to Z photo blog, my way of looking
at things has changed and I find myself translating all kind of things
I bump into during the day…
(“does this start with an A-B-C etc. in English and is it worth photographing?”)

I think I will be taking these “A to Z photo’s” to use in a minialbum one day (alphabeth-something-album?) so you probably see me uploading the alphabeth in photo’s for the next weeks. Don’t know if I can keep up with that, but whenever I feel like (or see a photo that matches the letter of the week)
I will post the pic.

I haven’t found the “A” yet, but I have just the perfect photo with the B,
what else could it “B” than one of my passions…. BOOKS!

So here it goes, Andre!
I hope you attrack some more participants with your blog, ’cause it is fun!
I’m curious about your B-photo though…. (will it be Beer or Bridges?)

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