Oct 12 2010

Did we scare you?

I’m glad you all liked our special “sneak peek trailer” for the upcoming
workshop! However, I did notice that some questions arose about the
“Mixed Emotions” workshop.

Yep, this workshop is about exploring emotions, but


After all, an art journal workshops should be fun, and ours will be!
We don’t expect you to poor out your heart and soul on the pages,
we don’t expect
you to share your deepest feelings with us.
If you want to do that, that’s OK ofcourse, but we are prepared to
the fact that you want to keep your deepest feelings and emotions
to yourself.

There’s no need to be scared that you will be forced to open up.
Each lesson comes with questions and quotes that will help you
to explore the highlighted emotion in all directions. You can go
as private – or not – as you wish. The techniques that come with
each lesson will be fun to use in every way.

Now that’s cleared up I hope!
If there are any questions left, shoot me en email and I’ll be
happy to answer them!

On to some creativeness then…


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Aug 31 2010

We’re still wild at heart



I really thought today was¬† my friend’s (and co-teacher in the new workshop!)
birthday… but I learned yesterday that I had the date all wrong.
It was August 21 – Bummer!
I planned this birthday post to show you the card I made for her birthday,
and send you all over to Michelle’s blog to cheer… and now I’m too late ūüôĀ

But HA… I know it’s her HUBBY’S birthday today, so there’s still celebration
going on in the LaPoint-Rydell house… YEAY!
So hop on over to Michelle anyway and send some extra love for Michael!

Happy birthday Michael!

And to the both of you… we may get older but we are still “wild at heart!”


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Jun 29 2010

And what a party it was!

Did you visit my mad tea party? (See former post if you missed it!)

HOLY COW… the list of participants was almost endless, and I still
haven’t visited all the tea parties and blogs…
I try to work my way down the list, but it will probably take a week
to visit everyone and read their posts – and you will understand
I can’t sip tea all day – there are other things that keep me busy too.

Real busy.

Like, “two-people -in-da-house-working-hard-on-it” busy.
“New-website-new-look-new-name-new-logo-two languages” busy!
It won’t take long now before I can show you – another week maybe?


Anyway, on to some creativity…

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Feb 2 2010


Warning!: long post and lots of photo’s!

I received two awards last week, given to me by three lovely ladies!
WOW, it feels so good to be loved!

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Nov 4 2009

Art journal page & Award

As you may know (or maybe not, ’cause I wrote about it in my last post
and if you haven’t read that, you don’t know… OH MY, that’s a verge joke…
OK, now you know the mood I’m in!)

Anyway, I was in Zeeland last weekend and we went to Middelburg
– the “big” city and capital of Zeeland – on Saturday morning.
Now you should know, I left my parents house when I was almost nineteen
and lived in Middelburg for 2 years before I moved to another province
(to study –¬†but I still live there). Middelburg contains a lot of memories –
it was a very important and hectic time in my life – and I decided to make
an art journal page about it.
So here it is…

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Aug 12 2009

I’m over it!

Remember my former post?
The pressure I felt?
I solved it!
I’m back to my familiar ME again.
Wanna know what I did?

I took a day “off” and did nothing scrapbook related
I forced myself to “loose another day” and I hoped, by doing that,
to get rid of the “must”- feeling.
It¬†worked, ’cause when I started creating again yesterday, the joy was there!

I played with gesso, I made a mess with heavy gel medium (and yes, that takes
a night to dry, and that’s good¬†for¬†my soul and for¬†my creativity ’cause¬†I need
that time to over think my next “move”) and I had fun playing!
And today, when I woke up, I knew which way I wanted my pages to go
and I finished 3 (yep, three!) other pages for my BOM!

Are they any good?
Guess what – I don’t care!
I like them and I enjoyed myself again just creating.
Just for ME!

But of course I will show you what I did…

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Aug 10 2009

Lessons to be learned

Oh man, Monday morning and I feel pushed and rushed for no reason –
I do this to myself you know!
I’m three “BOM-daily prompts” behind and I know I can’t catch up…
if I try, my work would go down the hill.

I have to except that I’m a slow scrapper and it’s just th√°t what makes
my work the way it is. Worthwhile!
I must allow myself to play and create other things than “BOM” if I want to.
Nobody’s forcing me to work on that every day…
I can do it later.
Or not.
Or whatever.

It’s a¬†hard lesson to learn: let it loose.
Relax, create for fun only!

Michelle struggles with it too sometimes, I just went to her blog
’cause I remember she¬†wrote about it.
Here’s what she wrote:¬†

“I learned (or should I say re-learned) a valuable lesson this week:
Always create to satisfy your own heart. Trying to create something
for someone else’s approval just plain doesn’t work, and it’s a sure way
to come up with a bad case of artist’s block….
Artist’s block is something that happens to me every so often and
each time it takes me awhile to come back to the same conclusion
I noted above. I’m trying too hard. Once I realize that and let go
I’m free again. It’s getting to the point of realization that is sometimes
the hard part. Each time I get a little better at it though, so that’s progress, right?”

Thanks for reminding me Michelle!!!

I don’t know what today will bring,
but I did two BOM pages earlier that I hadn’t show you yet,
so here’s some creativeness…

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