Aug 7 2009


Lotus Paperie
challenge #136
is a sketch again
but before I
show you
what I did
with it,
you should
know this first…






  • In 1977, Yves Saint Laurent (a famous French fashion designer)
    launched a new perfume called “Paris” and a few years later it was
    available in the Netherlands. I was 19 and I liked the advertising
    campaign! There was a beautiful lady (skinny, of course) and the
    Eiffel Tower (of course!) and the smell was described as something
    with “wild roses”. At that very moment, I knew.
    This will be MY perfume!
    So I went to a perfume shop to smell the stuff – and I was right!
    I wear that perfume ever since. Yes, I know it’s expensive.
    It’s pure luxury! And yes, I tried different odours…
    but no. “Paris” is my perfume. 
    In fact, I heard several times from friends: “I was there-and-there
    and I smelled you come by, but it wasn’t you…
  • Just a couple of weeks ago, I met a fabulous lady on the Internet.
    Her name is Cynthia, she makes marvelous scraps and you should
    definitely check out her blog “Technicolorpostcards“.
    Although (or because?) she lives in the USA,
    she’s way over her head madly in love with France and Paris… 
    I saw some postcards and old pictures of Paris on her blog,
    and got inspired!

And so, dear readers…. my Lotus lay out is all about perfume this week!

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Jun 30 2009

Lotus Paperie sneak peek
and an award again

Last weekend, I had lots of fun playing with my SISters on the forum!
A bunch of girls entered my “Dazzling Decades” challenge, and each of them made a lovely lay out interpreting my instructions in their own way –
I loved every single one and had a hard time picking a winner!
The only thing is… I didn’t scrap myself at all this weekend!

I did something though: I challenged myself by asking the girls to send me a photo, which I edited in several ways (if you wanna see the results, I put them in my  SIS gallery – just click on the “SIS” logo in the side menu and go to my portfolio)

But I can show you a tiny little something of what I did yesterday…

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Jun 19 2009

Lotusday, memorabilia
& a blog award!


OK, it’s Friday and you know the drill…
There’s a new challenge up on the Lotus Paperie blog!

This time, you’re
asked to use 
“Negative Space”
on your lay out.
“Negative space”
can be interpreted
in different ways… 
but I won’t start
explaining it ’cause
I probably will
sound like a
again: just google
around, look at all
the examples and
let inspiration flow!


This is my take on the challenge.
Handwritten journaling says: “Face it. Don’t walk away from life”

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Jun 5 2009

Friday! Lotus challenge #127

From now on, Friday is “Lotus day”!!!
My term as a Design Team member starts today with challenge #127
– which is now up on the Lotus Paperie blog – and it’s a fun one:

The challenge this week is to use FELT!

I hope it inspires you to hop on over to Lotus Paperie
and play along with us this week! Here’s what I made…

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May 25 2009

Summer weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Temperatures were Summer-like and I spend Saturday playing with glue… Alice wasn’t in Wonderland, but on my big crafting table, very much alive and laughing! (Sneak peek soon to come!)

Late in the afternoon, I got a phone call and it was a big surprise to hear my niece Lisa talking from me all the way from Canada!!! She spend the weekend at home (on Sunday, she had to go back to the hospital again) and it was so nice to hear her voice!!! She wears a bodice to protect her back and a collar (as you know she broke her neck and back) and she can’t use her left arm, so she’s handicapped but was glad to spend a weekend at home with her parents and brother! She has to wear all that “gear” for at least another few Months (we don’t know how long) and it’s not sure if her arm/hand will recover either, but at least she walks and talks and sounded good! Hooray for my strong niece!!!

On Sunday, we drove to my parents in Zeeland where we spend the day sitting in the garden, laughing and talking and getting a tan! I also payed my friend Lena a short visit, and she informed me that there was something wrong with the menu on top of my blog…. It’s fixed now but I’m sorry I asked you all to take a look at my gallery and pick your favourite lay out, while the menu
wasn’t working!!! So here’s my question again! Which of my lay outs would you pick as your favourite? Take a look at the gallery and let me know, I’m curious!

OK, enough with the talking!
You’re all here to see my latest work so I’ll show you some pictures of
the lay outs I finished last week, but didn’t publish earlier ’cause the
“Lotus introduction post” got in the way…

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Jan 24 2009

And the winner is…

I just had a lovely dinner with “my men”. The dishes are done and while
my son and love are on their way to rent the DVD “Dark night”  (wasn’t
Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in that movie, a nominee for an Oscar? Thought I heard that somewhere ) I thought of checking my mail and comments before shutting down the computer and watching 
the movie with my family…. and… surprise, surprise!!!
I’ve got an award again!!!


Dear Danielle awarded me
for being a “best blogging buddy”.
So I’ve got an
award even
before the Oscars
are presented!!!
I’m a lucky girl!!!

And I only have to pass it to 5 “blogging buddy’s” of my choice (no addictions this time, sorry if you were waiting for confessions. Maybe some other time)

And my winners are… (tatatatataaaaaa)

Melissa (for being my blogging buddy #1)

Jessica (for always loving what I make out of her sketches)

Gudrun (for sharing wonderful Norwegian photo’s, scraps and thoughts)

Birgit (for being one of thé Dutch scrappers I love)

Pat (for being the best “scrappin’ nana” EVER)

You all deserve this girls!!!!

And now I’m closing down. Gonna watch that movie with my two men, a glass of wine and a big bag of potato chips, YES!!! Don’t care about fat belly’s, it’s weekend! Enjoy! Je t’embrasse!

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Jan 15 2009

I’m fabulous!

Well, maybe I’m not but my blog sure is – Melissa gave me this blog award
to prove it!

Thanks soooo much Melissa!
I’m very proud! I love your blog too – especially your questions 😉
Check it out you all!

And now on to the rules:
I need to name 5 addictions, and 5 people I’d like to pass on this “award” to…

Well, uuuuuhhh, my addictions.

  • SMOKING (for sure, even made a LO about that!)
  • Coffee while reading the morning paper.
  • Scrapbooking (I’m hooked on making mini-books)
  • Putting on my PJ’s right after dinner.
  • bloggin’ (recently developed this addiction, and it’s here to stay!)

And moving forward to my 5 fab bloggers. There are lots of blogs I follow and ladies I “met” last month, and I should probably not choose the ones Melissa or Denise (before Melissa) picked, but I sure want to mention both Denise and Jessica! Love reading your blog ladies!

But for my list of 5 fab bloggers I choose:

  • Meka (please keep on bloggin’ girl!)
  • Fauve (she deserves this!)
  • Revlie (for making me smile almost every day)
  • Ronda (she’s a real scrap-master)
  • Christina (her photo’s are fabulous)

And now I’m off to finish the LO I’m working on.
It should be posted sometime today ’cause it’s nearly finished, so take a peek later to see if it’s there…

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