Jun 1 2010

Cold week – sunny pages!

If you were my friend on facebook – I deleted my account yesterday (May 31)
so you won’t find me overthere anymore. I don’t trust facebook for one bit
after all the things I read and heard about it – they use your data and sell it
to other companies – I’m keen and careful when it comes to my privacy
and so it feels good that I deleted my account! (for you who didn’t read
my post about it, it’s here)


Today it’s JUNE – that sounds like Summer and we haven’t even had a proper
Spring season yet… Aaargghh! I can hardly call the three or four nice weather
days we had last Month “Spring”, last week was cold and grey and rainy and
right now it’s foggy outside and they predict rain in the afternoon…
I hope the weather forecast is right by saying that the temperatures will rise
at the end of the week…

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Jun 25 2009


Hey you all!
SIStv celebrates a huge SISiversary in Franklin, Tennessee this weekend,
but of course not all the SISters were able to be there…
so we have something cooking and the SISters are very busy
planning an online party filled with fun and challenges!!

And guess who’s hosting a marvelous challenge over there on
Saturday 27th June?
Yep, you’re sooooo right, ME!!!

My challenge will be in the forum at 2:00 p.m. CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (that will be 9:00 p.m. for Dutchies like me…)

Hop on over to their forum, take a glance at a thread called
6/24 – New Virtual SIS schedule
and see for yourself how the schedule is filled with lovely challenges,
prizes to win too!

So, if you’re registered at SIStv – share the fun – and if you’re not….
’cause I would love to see you all playing overthere this weekend.

 Hope to see you at SIStv then!

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