Aug 31 2009

Book of Me – more pages

For those who didn’t know already, I worked on a “Book of Me”
throughout August. On the Cocoa Daisy forum there was a
daily “BOM challenge/theme” to make pages for your own book
and if you did them all, you ended up with 31 pages… 
I skipped some challenges along the way ’cause I didn’t like all the
themes, and now I’m almost done with my book.

Still two pages to make (maybe three, after today’s challenge is posted
and I like the theme) and I want to make one “last page” myself, but
since the rest is done I made the cover last weekend.

This had to be
I chose my
favorite materials
for the cover.
Paper from an
old encyclopedia
and spray ink in
my fave colours!
I hand wrote & cut
the title to use as
a mask. It simply
says “I”

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Aug 10 2009

Lessons to be learned

Oh man, Monday morning and I feel pushed and rushed for no reason –
I do this to myself you know!
I’m three “BOM-daily prompts” behind and I know I can’t catch up…
if I try, my work would go down the hill.

I have to except that I’m a slow scrapper and it’s just thát what makes
my work the way it is. Worthwhile!
I must allow myself to play and create other things than “BOM” if I want to.
Nobody’s forcing me to work on that every day…
I can do it later.
Or not.
Or whatever.

It’s a hard lesson to learn: let it loose.
Relax, create for fun only!

Michelle struggles with it too sometimes, I just went to her blog
’cause I remember she wrote about it.
Here’s what she wrote: 

“I learned (or should I say re-learned) a valuable lesson this week:
Always create to satisfy your own heart. Trying to create something
for someone else’s approval just plain doesn’t work, and it’s a sure way
to come up with a bad case of artist’s block….
Artist’s block is something that happens to me every so often and
each time it takes me awhile to come back to the same conclusion
I noted above. I’m trying too hard. Once I realize that and let go
I’m free again. It’s getting to the point of realization that is sometimes
the hard part. Each time I get a little better at it though, so that’s progress, right?”

Thanks for reminding me Michelle!!!

I don’t know what today will bring,
but I did two BOM pages earlier that I hadn’t show you yet,
so here’s some creativeness…

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Aug 2 2009

Book of Me

On August 1, Cocoa Daisy started with an initiative to create a “Book of Me”.
Every day in August there will be a post (“Daily Prompt”) on the
message board which can be used as a page in a Book of Me Album.
At the end of the 31 days, you’ll have 31 pages about yourself to compile.

Since I have an account there, I’d thought I would join in –
I decided to do a 6×6 album, and cut all the cardboard in advance.

There has been two prompts so far (August 1 and 2) and I like them both!!!
(if there’s a prompt you don’t like, you just skip that one)
If you wanna join in – it’s not to late! Hop on over and play along!

I have already finished two pages…
wanna see?

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