Aug 11 2010

Weekly art journal &
a question

OHMY… is it Wednesday?
Time to catch up on my blog then, isn’t it!

Before I start showing you the things I made last week, I have a question.
It was brought to my attention that my blog doesn’t look the same on every
computer screen, and for some of you the text might be hard to read…
As Patty stated “…the type on your blog is in light light gray, so I have to
lean in very very close to the screen…”

I had the same problem when I looked at my blog on my dad’s laptop so
I know what she means. It has something to do with older screens and
contrast settings. I don’t know everything about that but I DO know that
I find it important that my visitors can read my posts without trouble.

On my own screen the type shows in dark grey on a light grey background.
Because I have no idea how many of you have a problem with the text being
too light, I added a poll in the side menu.

I ask you all to please fill out the poll so I can get an idea how many of you
have this problem. I like the way my blog looks right now, but if many of you
have trouble reading my text I might consider using another colour for the
Maybe making it black is a good option?

So please fill in the poll in the side menu.
It’s done with one click – easy peasy – and it would help me to decide
if I should change thing! THANKS!


On to some pictures (I do hope your screen at least shows these!)

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