Mar 23 2009

Feeling like a little kid…

So yesterday I was at the “Scrap-a-Licious” event…
The first time I ever participated in something like that.
A bunch of scrapladies sitting around big tables. Workshops.
It looked like this:

And yes, I felt like a little kid again, standing in a corner. Not knowing anybody and feeling insecure. Noticing that when I feel insecure I look aloof and arrogant. (I’ve been told many times before!)

I tried to socialize (not really my kind of thing to approach people I don’t know…  I became quite solitary-minded over the last couple of years)
I don’t know if I managed, but I met a couple of ladies, we exchanged blog addresses and talked a bit. Don’t know what they thought about me, standing in the corner of that big, big table (I was the only one standing up while working… so actually I was glad I was on a corner!) and not having such a nice scrapping bag and all, but hey, never mind. I’m new. I don’t know the codes yet…

It’s strange though, whenever I have to teach or talk, standing in front of a classroom filled with people, I’m not insecure at all! Maybe it’s because my role is obvious then. Do I have troubles mixing with people? I don’t know, but anyway, I tried “to fit and mix”. I talked a bit. At least I talked to people. Corinne (who organized it), Iris, Linda, Liesbeth & Petra & Astrid (who I knew a bit through their blogs) and I also talked to Birgit (hope you and Anniek got home well!) and Dina (who was kind enough, together with Iris, to look through my album! Nobody else brought their work and so I felt like I was showing off,
which was not my intention at all!)

And then the workshops:

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