May 8 2009

Two ways to say this….

The official way:

Ladies and Gentlemen (Hi Pa…)
I’m very proud to announce that I made the June-Nov ’09 session
of the Lotus Paperie Design Team.


My way:






I was thrilled when I got their e-mail yesterday evening.
I had to ask M. to print the mail and attachments for me…
I instandly forgot how to do that, just soooo exited!!!

I went over to their blog, and it is weird AND exiting to see my face
pop up there… weird in a nice way of course!

So I drank a glass of wine (and another one…) and celebrated with
my loved ones.

Today I will spend dancing and crafting ’cause – believe it or not – I went to the scrapbook store in Heesch last week (40 minutes drive) and bought me 7 (!) colours of spray ink, one glimmer mist, a lot of patterned paper and (last but not least) a crop-o-dile Big Bite!!!!
So I’m ready, I’m soooo ready to start designing!!!

I had plans to work on my Art Journal today, but I may find myself too shaky (too much wine yesterday, or still too exited? Both, I guess…) to work on that. Instead I might just play around with my ink or go bloghopping and leave you all some love and happiness ’cause hey, today I’ve got plenty to share!!!

Have a nice day ya all, Je t’embrasse!

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