Feb 18 2009



Remember this photo? (See post February 5th)
A lot of things came together with this picture and it sort of became a major project! Let me explain…

(A bit of history)
After years of “scrapping on my own” I looked for other scrapbookers on the Internet, mostly to find inspiration.

While surfing, I came along the ScrapMojo challenge blog and liked the challenge there so much that I decided to play along. (Challenge #24,
my “Season of the Witch” lay out)
Of course I wanted to send my lay out to their blog, but didn’t know how to do that, so I e-mailed them and Marie (ScrapMojo girl) mailed me back and helped me along. By that time, I was already hooked on the blogs and challenges I’d found, so with help of my dear love and son (who already had a blog) I started my own weblog. (And yes… I became an addict pretty soon!) But being busy with that, I had to skip ScrapMojo challenge #25.
I never forgot about that one though ’cause I liked it so much!

This was it: 
Your challenge is to use Alice in Wonderland as inspiration. That means take ANYTHING from the story and use it. It could be images, quotes, book pages, colors, whatever your little heart desires. The second part of the challenge is to use lace.

While working on the above “sixties”photo, giving it a “psychedelic look”
(I showed you in February) a song popped in my mind, and I couldn’t get
it out… it was the song “White rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.
It’s a band from those psychedelic – flower power years, and the song
refers to… Alice in Wonderland!

And there it was! The inspiration to make this lay out. It all came together!
The song I like, the picture I like, the challenge I like. I wanted to make the ultimate lay out out of that! It had to be a spread, ’cause I wanted lots of flowers and butterflies and beads and overwhelming colours and, and, and…. you already know it took a lot of time to make this one, ’cause I mentioned a little something sometimes on my blog to make you curious (and that worked didn’t it? You ARE curious by now!)

OK then, here it is. I proudly present…. (tatatatadaaaaaaaa)

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Feb 5 2009

Lucy in the Sky
with Diamonds???

Spend the morning surfing on the net, looking for retro free fonts for a new 
lay out I want to create. (It’s for the new prompt over at the creative type.)
I have an idea for a “seventies-layout” but I came across psychedelic fonts and sites along the way and “psychedelic images” started popping in my brain
(and no, I don’t do LSD, thank you…)

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