Dec 8 2009

The other way around

I played just for fun the last days and – inspired by all your
“Christmas layouts” – I made a “winter layout”…
I didn’t look at challenges until I finished it, but I had the idea
there might be challenges around that fitted my layout…

So after my layout was done, I surfed all challenge blogs to see
what challenges my layout would match – HA!!
I found a few even!!!

At The Next step they played with cheese cloth

The theme over at The Three Muses was: “Fun and Games”

And… well I’ll be damn….
Lotus Paperie had a challenge fitting my layout!
I did visit their blog last Friday, but it wasn’t on my mind
anymore… somehow, there must still be vibes from Lotus
coming my way – “Use foam stamps”

It was funny to discover challenges that matched my layout!
It is “playing the other way around” and I loved it for a change!

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Nov 22 2008

Stazon ink –
does that makes sense?

The title of this post refers to my latest project! Take a look!!! 
What do ya all think of it? I’m satisfied over it, but discontented over the stains the ink left – I noticed it too late…  I fixated all the pages but the ink still comes off so it stays a fragile book to touch. I think the (waterbased) ink stains because I used it on greasy, shiny paper and I wonder if using stazon ink would’ve been better. But then again, can foam stamps handle stazon ink?
Does anybody know that? Please share your experiences!

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