Dec 4 2009

Freewheelin’ Friday (#1)

Eeeeeekkkk, it’s Friday!
And since I’m no longer a Lotus design team member, I had to think
of something else to blog about on Fridays….
At first I thought of a photo with “the story behind” every Friday
would be nice, but naaaahhhhhh…
I better take advantage of the fact that I’m free to do – and blog –
anything I like! Freewheelin’ it will be, YEAH!

So I will present you a post with randomness every Friday
(but of course I will be bloggin’ in between too, as always)
and it can be ANYTHING I want…
It could be a photo ofcourse, but also things I came across
on the Internet, links, thoughts, layouts I made…
just anything I feel like sharing!

So here’s my first “Freewheeling’ Friday” ***

(*** and for the ones recognizing this title somehow, yes
I “stole” the title from Bob Dylan…)

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