Jan 29 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#7)


The days fly by and this week is already gone!
I’ve been a little absent last week. On my blog that is…
Not on my community though! This week, my “students” got access to
my workshop community and there is a lot of activity overthere 
(although the first lesson won’t be uploaded ’till Monday)
I was present on an introduction video which I made last week and it took
me quite some time to make it. OH MY was I nervous! I HATE hearing my
own voice… I had to shoot 80 “takes” before I thought it was “kinda” right,
but at least I did it, and the ladies in the group seem to appreciate it!
(Hi girls! Thanks for the nice words!)

Anyway, on to the freewheelin’ random stuff today…

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Sep 27 2009

The weirdest week!
(and the longest post!)

Sunday Morning, and I experienced the weirdest week…

But before I start telling (and showing) you, I want to give a little
“geographic lesson” ’cause many of you who saw my last layout
thought/asked if I live on an island…
I wrote about that figuratively – no, I don’t live on a real island.
I once did though, so let me show you where all that waves and
beaches in my head come from…

For all you Americans and
Asians (and Africans???)
this is a map of Europe.

I live in the Netherlands.








 This is a map of the Netherlands (or Holland, if you like)

As you can see
I spend my childhood 
right at the beach.
That province is called
“Zeeland” and it
exist of many islands
connected with each
other by dikes, dams
and bridges – so I lived
on a peninsula.
I don’t live there anymore
(my parents & best friend
still do though) but I love
that place and that’s why
waves roll through my
head, still!
I’m a “Zeeuw”…

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Apr 11 2009

“Teeny weeny”

I got my gift from Lou in the mail yesterday. She called it “teeny weeny”, but although it’s not a very big object, I consider it a BIG gift! I’m very happy with it! Take a look!

She made me a small box, with my name on it and some sweet flowers. I love the colours!

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Mar 15 2009

Candy with a difference!

I was on Lou’s blog and she had an idea for giving and recieving candy… however, I thought the rules were way to precarious so I consultated Lou
and I/we changed the rules a bit.

It should be more fun to participate in it now, so if you’re up for receiving some candy…..

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Feb 11 2009

A mystery gift and
some family history

When I was twenty, I lived with others in one house.
(We don’t know “student campus” in Holland, students usually share
a “normal” house) There where four girls in the house. Two of them lived on the ground floor, sharing a kitchen and bathroom, and I lived upstairs with Lenny. Lenny and I shared not only the kitchen & the bathroom but also our clothes, our thoughts, our sorrows… our lives!
She became a very close friend, more like a sister (we both never had) and
I still call her “sis” sometimes!
I don’t see her very often, she moved and I moved, but we write long letters and once in a while we come together. Last Thursday we did, we had dinner in a nice little restaurant and she brought me a gift!
It came in this
little, paper bag
(although Lenny doesn’t scrap, she shares my love for beautiful paper!) which made it look somewhat mysterious…
but the gift inside was sort of a mystery too!  


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