Oct 21 2009

I grew (a little bit)

Yep, I’m careful in my statements, but I can tell you that I definitely grew.
Not in length – I’m still approximately 5.5 feet – but my self confidence
about my art has got a major boost this week!

It started with a “Lotus layout” last Monday (it will be on the Lotus Paperie
blog this Friday) and to be honest, I disliked the challenge.
It was totally NOT my thing… and no-one could have been more surprised
then myself when I saw the result. I made a gorgeous layout, if I may say so.
I put it on our side table and looked at it all evening. I was so happy!

I had plans (already printed the photo) to make a layout for the new
challenge over at “Scrapping the Music” and I told my beloved that
I was afraid to start working on it, ’cause I expected it wouldn’t be
any good… I thought I could never make another beautiful layout 
right the day after the Lotus one. I presume that’s what musicians feel
after making a hit-album – the pressure to do it again becomes too
big – the next album almost always is disappointing.

So yesterday morning I surfed around on the Internet a bit, postponing the
creating moment, and came across this post on Bethany’s blog
It opened my eyes! She wrote exactly what I am feeling and over thinking
these last weeks, I had/have to make some choices according my work and art
and she just put my thoughts into words.
It gave me such a boost!
The pressure to “achieve” vanished.
I went downstairs and started this layout.

And guess what?
It’s gorgeous too!
I can do it.
I can get rid of the pressure, have fun creating, stretch myself and make
another beautiful layout. Right the next day!

So I grew.
Just a tiny little bit maybe, but such an important bit!
I can honestly say to myself now: “Stick to yourself. Do it your own way
and then the layout will reflect you and you’re OK”

And now you wanna see the layout?
Here it comes…

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