Sep 17 2010

Curly straight hair
(Freewheelin’ Friday #39)

I have a question for you.
How often do you have a haircut?


I have “difficult hair”
It’s thick, it’s overwhelming MUCH and it curls.
That is, the under layers curl.
The top layer is straight.
If I put the top layer of my hair up with pins,
you see the curls that sit underneath (see this photo.)

And whatever they try: the hair keeps curling and the top layer stays straight.
With “they” I mean hairdressers – hairstylists…
or whatever name they go by these days.

When hairdressers sees my hair, they always wants to “do something fun”
with it. Like putting curls in the slick top layer. I know it won’t work.
I’ve had this hair all my life. I keep telling them: it DOESN’T WORK!!!
You can spend hours curling and spraying and drying…
I get on my bike and before I get home, it’s straight!
And the under layer is CURLY.
Don’t bother…

Just give me a haircut where the differences can live together on my head.
Do you GET THAT? hairdresser…??


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