Jan 15 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#5)

When I woke up last Wednesday morning – it was still early –  I decided
to give myself a “day off.” Oooh, it felt so good!
I did the grocery shopping early in the morning, and I even let a man
with his one gallon of milk precede at the pay desk when he asked me to…
well, “asked” is not the right word ’cause he was deaf and spoke with that
strange voice deaf people do… he didn’t even speak really – he just tapped
me on the shoulder, pointed at his milk and roared “Me, now?”
I usually dislike people who use their handicap to get things done from others
but I was in such a good mood…

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Dec 18 2009

Freewheelin’ Friday (#3)

Another Friday already, MAN – time flies!
I do love my freewheelin’ Fridays, but during the week I’m not that much
freewheelin’ – I’m working my hands blue (and red, and orange and purple:
paint and spray ink!) preparing my upcoming workshop! 
Somewhere in the next week the registration will be online (still working
on some loose ends according to the “rules” and “payments”) and I’m
scared and exited at the same time… a new year and a new adventure…
but I’m ready for it!

And here’s another intention for the next year 🙂
Teehee… I wear mostly black! But maybe it’s time for red pants…
Jeanet? Wanna join? 😉

This is also the title of my latest layout I made using two challenges…
From “Scrapping out LOUD!” and from “Scrapbooking Supplies R Us” 

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Dec 4 2009

Freewheelin’ Friday (#1)

Eeeeeekkkk, it’s Friday!
And since I’m no longer a Lotus design team member, I had to think
of something else to blog about on Fridays….
At first I thought of a photo with “the story behind” every Friday
would be nice, but naaaahhhhhh…
I better take advantage of the fact that I’m free to do – and blog –
anything I like! Freewheelin’ it will be, YEAH!

So I will present you a post with randomness every Friday
(but of course I will be bloggin’ in between too, as always)
and it can be ANYTHING I want…
It could be a photo ofcourse, but also things I came across
on the Internet, links, thoughts, layouts I made…
just anything I feel like sharing!

So here’s my first “Freewheeling’ Friday” ***

(*** and for the ones recognizing this title somehow, yes
I “stole” the title from Bob Dylan…)

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Nov 20 2009

Organized me…

Oh MAN… remember I re-organized all my scrap stuff?
(I wrote a post with photo’s on that over here)

And then I saw the new Lotus Paperie challenge this week….
“use the packaging from a scrapbooking product”
Eeeeeekkk! I just threw them all away!

I had to look
real hard but,
PFEW! I found

Two little
cards that
came with

It’s not much
but it saved
my ass!



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