Aug 20 2010

Where I’ve been and what I did
(Freewheelin’ Friday #35)

Most of you guessed it already: I’ve been in Zeeland the past few days!
My dad was here last Monday and I took the opportunity to ride back
home with him to stay a few days with him and my mom and visit my
friend Lena. I took my camera with me and although I always do that
when I visit my parents, most of the time I forget to take pics while I’m
there. But this time I actually used the camera and took some photos!
(Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge)

Here’s one of me
that shows the
overall feeling
I had while being
in Zeeland…
relaxed and
easy going!

See that orange
vest? I saw it in
a boutique and
it screamed to me
“I am made for you”
– and since my mom
thought so too
she bought it for me!

Thanks so much mom,


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