Feb 5 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#8)

Yesterday I changed form Internet Explorer to Fire Fox, and I noticed right
away that my blogposts didn’t look the way they were supposed to look…
Of course I was aware of the problems with layouts that stagger on
different browsers (*sigh* each web designer knows this) but I’m not the
“expert in da house” and when it came to problems like that in the past,
I usually yelled “Help!” and than the expert came running and helped me
out every time.

But now that I notice my OWN blogposts go jump up and down, and shows
text on places I don’t want to have it – I’m afraid I will have to give in
to something I kept away for such a long time…
I will have to learn more html-code myself!
As if I have nothing else on my mind right now…

But I will learn it. I promise. The expert will teach me. My private teacher.
And I will practise. I will. I promise.
I want to learn at least enough code to give my blogposts the look I want it
to have on EVERY computer. Until then, no text next to the pics anymore.
Sorry for those who were used to that, and hooray for those who used Fire Fox
all along and always looked at the strangest things on my blog – and puzzled
over which words belonged to which photo.

Having that said, let’s move on to something more fun, shall we?

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