Sep 23 2009

Three evil sisters
in my secret life…

Yep, that’s a weird title… I know!
But there’s nothing strange about it, when you know
the reason behind it…
Those are the two titles of my latest layouts!
I just thought it would be fun to combine.

OK, let’s start with evil sisters.
Do you have one? Or two? Or maybe even three?
I don’t have sisters at all!
I have one brother, he lives in Canada and is a sweetie…!
So what’s with the evil sissies then?

I agreed with Danielle to each make (and trade) an ATC with
a Halloween theme, and since we don’t celebrate Halloween
over in the Netherlands, I thought of bending the theme a bit –
so I went with “witches”.
I came across a free stock photo with three ladies on it (sisters, maybe?)
and I decided to make a series of three – transforming the ladies into witches.
And so I gave birth to these “three evil sisters”

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