Feb 12 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#9)

I’m hooked!
I’m hooked on art journaling and ever since Glenda mentioned the online
store “VivaLasVegaStamps” I’m hooked on that too!
Look what came in the mail this week…

After I ordered these stamps, they arrived within a week!
All the way from Vegas! Now THAT’S some service! Wohwee!!!

It’s that I’m on a budget, otherwise I’d buy more, and more, and more of these
beauty’s! I spend quite some time on their site, drooling over all the gorgeous
stamps, giggling over some text-stamps (“Elvis is dead and I’m not feeling
too good myself”) and narrowing down my “first choice” in stamps to a
reasonable amount (my first choice would have cost me $180)
I’m totally in love with the “running lady” (the big stamp on the left) and she
reminds me of my friend Lenny!!! Aaaah, dear Lenny (bonjour ma belle!)

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Sep 9 2009

ATC and Give-away

I played around a bit with that tiny ATC size…
At first, I found it difficult to think that small / create that small,
so it took me quite some time to create this one.

Made this with
the theme from
“Think Monday
Think ATC”
which was

(The buildings
are hand drawn,
using a picture
of the Twin Towers
as an example)





Here’s the back.

That’s the new
stamp I bought
last month,
so I can properly
sign all my
ATC’s (to come)






I started a series of four new ATC’s – I’m beginning to like it – but they’re
not done yet. I have something else to show you though…

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