Dec 18 2009

Freewheelin’ Friday (#3)

Another Friday already, MAN – time flies!
I do love my freewheelin’ Fridays, but during the week I’m not that much
freewheelin’ – I’m working my hands blue (and red, and orange and purple:
paint and spray ink!) preparing my upcoming workshop! 
Somewhere in the next week the registration will be online (still working
on some loose ends according to the “rules” and “payments”) and I’m
scared and exited at the same time… a new year and a new adventure…
but I’m ready for it!

And here’s another intention for the next year 🙂
Teehee… I wear mostly black! But maybe it’s time for red pants…
Jeanet? Wanna join? 😉

This is also the title of my latest layout I made using two challenges…
From “Scrapping out LOUD!” and from “Scrapbooking Supplies R Us” 

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Nov 4 2009

Art journal page & Award

As you may know (or maybe not, ’cause I wrote about it in my last post
and if you haven’t read that, you don’t know… OH MY, that’s a verge joke…
OK, now you know the mood I’m in!)

Anyway, I was in Zeeland last weekend and we went to Middelburg
– the “big” city and capital of Zeeland – on Saturday morning.
Now you should know, I left my parents house when I was almost nineteen
and lived in Middelburg for 2 years before I moved to another province
(to study – but I still live there). Middelburg contains a lot of memories –
it was a very important and hectic time in my life – and I decided to make
an art journal page about it.
So here it is…

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Oct 23 2009

Me and ribbons?

When I saw the new Lotus Paperie challenge # 147
I thought “OH, NO….”
“Use your ribbon scraps” it says…

Me and ribbons?
Not a good combination!
But hey, I’m a DT-member and I “keep my pecker up”
(that’s what my dictionary says to use in a situation like this –
I hope that’s right ’cause when I looked up “pecker” I got
other images in mind reading this line…)

OK, on to it.
Me and ribbons.
I pulled the ribbon box out of the closet
(it was way in the back!)
I cut pieces of ribbon.
Lots of them.
When I have to use it, I might as well overdo it!

And look what I ended up with…

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