Jan 4 2011

A New Year – A New Site!

I start this New Year with a big change….

as of now my website address is


and I will be blogging on


So hop on over, and I see you there!

Jan 10 2009

I know, I know, I KNOW!

Weekend allready – time flies! It’s been very cold last week in the Netherlands, and even colder in the south (where I live). We – my love and I – spend last wednesday standing in the snow and freezing wind, blow-drying the waterpipe because it was frozen and I couldn’t do the loundry.
(Noticed that when my bathroom overfloated…)
The “winning mood” I was in since tuesday dissapeared quickly that way! We (to be honest, more him then me) managed to defrost the ice in the pipe after a few hours and we got the water floating eventually. Pffff…

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Jan 1 2009



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