Jun 15 2010

Like a filmstar…

Last week, I finished all the urgent pursuits and now I have more

This week started in a very special way.
I will show you!
Sit down, have a coffee and let me lead you to a special evening…


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Apr 30 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday #20

(Warning: picture overload!!!!)

Good morning you all!
Today is queensday
in the Netherlands
and although the sun
isn’t shining, I will
spend the afternoon
outside trying to score
some useful goodies
on the giant flee market!

For you foreigners
who have no idea
what “queensday”
in the Netherlands
is all about, and for
you Dutchies who
want to have a good
laugh… you have to
have a look at this!!!!

(but you may want to watch when your children are out of the room!!!)

And the first photo in my post today shows the tree in our front yard
bursting with blossom.


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Jan 12 2010

Longing for days…

…like this!

I’ve seen enough snow… thank you.
It was very nice – we don’t have snow often anymore in the Netherlands – but
I’ve seen it by now. I felt it, I walked through it and I photographed it.
I did everything I wanted to do, so can it please melt now?

I also miss my creating time… No, I have nothing new to show you.
I work my ass off writing the lessons down for the workshop – the community
is tested and ready to go (just some slight hitches left, my beloved is working
on that) and it will all be up and running in time. Yeah!

But still… I’m longing for some sunshine and walking bare feet again!
How are you?

Je t’embrasse!

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Dec 20 2009


…at last!

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Aug 17 2009

Pet peeves??? RELAX!

Strange title?
Well, those where the BOM-prompts on August 14th and 15th!

I skipped two prompts for my “ME-book”

This was the prompt on August 12:
“If you had an imaginary friend who would it be??
You can pick a person who is well-known — from TV/Films…
is/was a politician or any historical character…”

You’re NOT gonna see a page about an “imaginary friend”
(I don’t have one, I never had & never will and I don’t want to think
about “celebrities or historical persons being friends with me” –
I’m perfectly happy with the friends I have in my life, thank you! 

The prompt on August 13:
“Get out a pen because you are writing a letter to yourself.
Your letter can be to who you are today, who you want to be tomorrow,
or who you were in the past. Your letter can be public or private.
Funny or poignant. Real or made up. Just write it down.”

I could do this. It’s totally up my alley, BUT
it is too personal.
I don’t want to do this in my BOM….

So, what DID I do???
Well, the next prompts were fun again, so let me show you:

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Jul 22 2009

Why – and a lot more!

One Little Word came with the word “Why”
I haven’t played OLW in ages, but I liked this word
and decided to give it a go this time.

I don’t know how you call this in other countries, but here in Holland
every child around 2-and-a-half to 3 years old goes through
the “Waarom-fase” (“Why-phase”)
If you have kids, you probably know how irritating it can be
when your child keeps on asking “why….” all day long.
Every mum has the intention to “always take my kids serious
and answer their questions” –
that is untill the kids reach that certain age… 2-and-a-half! 
Then it starts.
And in the end, every mum finds herself saying:

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Jul 6 2009


OK, OK, some of you know I was gonna bake an “Elvis pie” for my
son’s birthday and asked me to make a picture, so here it comes…

This is the book a
friend gave me as
a present years
ago… it’s filled
with lovely old
Elvis pictures and
“food Elvis loved”
(so it says…)
You have to be
careful flippin’
through the pages
thought, otherwise
the fat will drip
off  🙂 If this is
really the food Elvis eat all his life, than it’s no wonder he ended up that fat!

I never used this cookbook, but when my son’s 15th birthday came up,
two years ago, he asked me to make the “Elvis pie that is in front of that book”.
It took me a lot of time to figure out the recipe – all American measurements
and cooking jargon – but I managed to translate and bake this pie!
And it tasted so well that it ended up being our special birthday “Elvis pie”!

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