Jun 15 2010

Like a filmstar…

Last week, I finished all the urgent pursuits and now I have more

This week started in a very special way.
I will show you!
Sit down, have a coffee and let me lead you to a special evening…


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Feb 2 2010


Warning!: long post and lots of photo’s!

I received two awards last week, given to me by three lovely ladies!
WOW, it feels so good to be loved!

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Jan 8 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#4)

Last two Fridays it was all about the top 2000 and New Year
(can you believe that was only one week ago?) but as of today
I’m picking up the “Freewheelin’ Fridays” again.

So here’s to random chitchat and some inspiration…

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Oct 9 2009

Hidden talent

Let me tell you about my son’s hidden talent….
’cause I got my (belated) birthday present from him this week.
And you know what?

He knows exactly what you always wanted to have but just never knew
yourself that you wanted…. but HE knows, and he buys it for you
and when you get it you go like: “how did you know I wanted this?
I didn’t know myself but now that I see this, it was my wish to have this!”

I got the “Book of longing” from him!
It’s written by Leonard Cohen and it collects Cohen’s
poetry written between the 1980s and the present.
“It also includes his wonderfully witty and sensuous
illustrations, including numerous playful self-portraits.
The illustrations interact with, and complement, the poetry
in unexpected and fascinating ways.”

This is such an inspiring book – it’s almost like an art journal!
Thank you Nout, for giving me this. I love you 1.000 kisses deep!

OK then, on to bussiness ’cause it’s Friday, and you know what’s
happening on Fridays, don’t you?

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Aug 24 2009

At the beach (continued)

Helloooooo…. I’m back home!

I spend three lovely days in Zeeland with my son visiting my parents. 
I relaxed, enjoyed the landscape, the beach and the festivity that was
going on in the little village I was born.
I could tell you all about it, but I thought it would be more fun
to SHOW you – so prepare for a huge amount of photo’s….!!!

Blue skies in Zeeland...

Three days – and the sky looked like this all the time – hmmmmmm!

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Jul 27 2009

Catching up…

This is going to be a chaotic post… with a lot of randomness.
Things are a bit hectic at the moment and the more I create,
the more my “to do” list seems to grow instead of shrink.
I discovered some new blogs/artists lately (thanks to
the buried treasure project) and the inspiration has taken flight!
I just can’t choose where to start or what to begin with.
Lots of images/ideas/possibilities whirl through my head and I guess
it all has to descend and find it’s place before I can filter “my own thing”
out of it.

Do I sound a bit cryptic? Sorry, my English writing is not bad but
when it comes to explaining mixed feelings inside it’s hard to find
the right words in another language…

So let’s stop talking and let’s start showing!

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Jul 20 2009


OK you blog visitors, readers, fans, critics… I’ve reached post #100
and I take this opportunity to let you know how fond I am of you all!
After all, without you I don’t know if I would have made it this far…

Some of you traveled with me through blog land right from the beginning,
some of you I met along the way and maybe some of you are here for the first time… welcome to you all!

Today it’s party time and everyone can profit from my give-a-way!
Yep, you read that right, I’m gonna reward one of you with a nice bag 
stuffed with vintage goodies.

Let me show you the stuff first before I ramble about what you have to do
to lay your hands on this…
(ahaaa – there’s the snake in the grass – you’ll have to DO something 😉 )

Like what you see? 
I promise you, you don’t have to do much to make a change to get this…
It’s super, simple easy!
I, on the other hand, will have to go to work.
Made you curious huh?
Let me tell you what I made up for you – and myself!

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