Aug 2 2009

Book of Me

On August 1, Cocoa Daisy started with an initiative to create a “Book of Me”.
Every day in August there will be a post (“Daily Prompt”) on the
message board which can be used as a page in a Book of Me Album.
At the end of the 31 days, you’ll have 31 pages about yourself to compile.

Since I have an account there, I’d thought I would join in –
I decided to do a 6×6 album, and cut all the cardboard in advance.

There has been two prompts so far (August 1 and 2) and I like them both!!!
(if there’s a prompt you don’t like, you just skip that one)
If you wanna join in – it’s not to late! Hop on over and play along!

I have already finished two pages…
wanna see?

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Feb 7 2009

Highschool revisited

I went RETRO, yeah!!!
The Creative Type came up with this “prompt” (as they call it):

“For prompt 10, we are taking it Retro. Choose a font from whatever era it may be that you dig and create with it. Make it bold, make it colorful, make it anyway you want, but be sure to use the retro font that you chose.”

and retro I went!

I decided to take it back to the years I was an adolescent, the seventies. 
I found the box filled with my old high school diaries in the attic.

I spend hours reading in it,
my son laughed over the slogans I wrote in it and
both my loved ones tried to recognize the numerous 
“seventies pop heroes” on the pictures…
(I used to have “de POP agenda” – the “POP diary”)

We sure had fun!

And then I started creating!

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