Jun 26 2009

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an attitude,
not an age… (Challenge #130)

Wow, aren’t these the most handsome guys or not?  


(And can you believe my son has no girlfriend yet?
He’ll be 17 next Sunday and if I were a young girl,
I would dribble over such a lad!
But hey, the other one is mine and I hope to grow old with him
so that we can dribble together in the home for the elderly!) 


As soon as I
laid my eyes
upon this sketch;
challenge #130
over at Lotus
Paperie this week

I knew I wanted
to make the scrap
I had in mind
for a few weeks,
using a quote
from Dave Mason.

So I asked my men
to pose for me,
what they
willingly did!
Love you guys!!!

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