Aug 12 2009

I’m over it!

Remember my former post?
The pressure I felt?
I solved it!
I’m back to my familiar ME again.
Wanna know what I did?

I took a day “off” and did nothing scrapbook related
I forced myself to “loose another day” and I hoped, by doing that,
to get rid of the “must”- feeling.
It worked, ’cause when I started creating again yesterday, the joy was there!

I played with gesso, I made a mess with heavy gel medium (and yes, that takes
a night to dry, and that’s good for my soul and for my creativity ’cause I need
that time to over think my next “move”) and I had fun playing!
And today, when I woke up, I knew which way I wanted my pages to go
and I finished 3 (yep, three!) other pages for my BOM!

Are they any good?
Guess what – I don’t care!
I like them and I enjoyed myself again just creating.
Just for ME!

But of course I will show you what I did…

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