Apr 9 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#17)

I’m sorry I am so late with writing my post today,
were you waiting for me already?

I had a busy day – not much freewheelin’ for me –
but I am here now and I got some things to show you!

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Mar 29 2010

One day…

…you wake up realizing the fantastic weekend you had is over.
It’s Monday and you feel a bit awkward, due to the time change.
Last weekend, you moved the clock one hour forward, and while in your head
it’s still early the alarmclock tells you the morning has long begun…

You stumble out of bed. Your eyes aren’t fully open yet…
You went to bed way too late – that stupid hour change.
You put on the coffee and look at a strange newspaper (???)
Ah, suddenly you remember… the newspaper changed
from broadsheet to tabloid.

After you had your coffee, you begin to live a bit…
enough to get ready for the day (which, by the way,
started hours before you opened your eyes.)
You put on the computer to see if there’s any news
and then….

then you see that your layout titled “One Day”



My eyes are open wide now.
I’m in the hall of fame!!!!
I’m fully awake now!!!!
Enough to “think and write” in English so let me tell you about my weekend…

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Nov 15 2009

Scrapping (to) the music…

…that’s what I did yesterday!
I’ll show you in a minute, but first some “domestic communications”

EDITED 11/16 
The online survey is due. Thank you all so much for your participation!
I will analyse all the answers and update you soon…

  • Today is the last day for you to fill out my little online survey.
    If you haven’t filled it out yet, PLEASE DO!
    It will only take you a minute, and you will help me a lot by doing so!!!
    If you don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about: click here
    For the Dutch version: click here
    For the English version: click here

And did you leave me a comment on my give-a-way post?
Don’t miss the change to win some scrap goodies or even
an online workshop!

OK, now that this is said – on to some scrappin’ goodness!

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Oct 21 2009

I grew (a little bit)

Yep, I’m careful in my statements, but I can tell you that I definitely grew.
Not in length – I’m still approximately 5.5 feet – but my self confidence
about my art has got a major boost this week!

It started with a “Lotus layout” last Monday (it will be on the Lotus Paperie
blog this Friday) and to be honest, I disliked the challenge.
It was totally NOT my thing… and no-one could have been more surprised
then myself when I saw the result. I made a gorgeous layout, if I may say so.
I put it on our side table and looked at it all evening. I was so happy!

I had plans (already printed the photo) to make a layout for the new
challenge over at “Scrapping the Music” and I told my beloved that
I was afraid to start working on it, ’cause I expected it wouldn’t be
any good… I thought I could never make another beautiful layout 
right the day after the Lotus one. I presume that’s what musicians feel
after making a hit-album – the pressure to do it again becomes too
big – the next album almost always is disappointing.

So yesterday morning I surfed around on the Internet a bit, postponing the
creating moment, and came across this post on Bethany’s blog
It opened my eyes! She wrote exactly what I am feeling and over thinking
these last weeks, I had/have to make some choices according my work and art
and she just put my thoughts into words.
It gave me such a boost!
The pressure to “achieve” vanished.
I went downstairs and started this layout.

And guess what?
It’s gorgeous too!
I can do it.
I can get rid of the pressure, have fun creating, stretch myself and make
another beautiful layout. Right the next day!

So I grew.
Just a tiny little bit maybe, but such an important bit!
I can honestly say to myself now: “Stick to yourself. Do it your own way
and then the layout will reflect you and you’re OK”

And now you wanna see the layout?
Here it comes…

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Apr 11 2009

“Teeny weeny”

I got my gift from Lou in the mail yesterday. She called it “teeny weeny”, but although it’s not a very big object, I consider it a BIG gift! I’m very happy with it! Take a look!

She made me a small box, with my name on it and some sweet flowers. I love the colours!

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