Nov 25 2009

A sign of life

Good morning friends, I’m here!

I didn’t vanish.
I’m not ill.
I’m not on vacation.
I’m still at home,
alive and kicking…

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Oct 13 2009

Bad and nasty…

Yep. That’s what it is.
A bad and nasty virus…

It came to visit me over a week ago.
It looked kinda friendly at first.
Just a little cold. Some couching.
A few easy going days, and it would disappear again.
So it seemed…

It’s still here.
It’s bad and nasty and mean.
I’m sick of it and I can’t get rid of it.
The house is a mess.
I don’t have energy to clean, or do the grocery-shopping, or cook.
I don’t have energy to visit your blogs.

Some days
are better –
just to
fool me.
On one of
those days
I started an
Art Journal page.
It’s not finished
yet, but here’s
a peek…
Just so you
won’t forget me.
I’m still here.
I hope to be back
soon. Full force!

have a healthy week you all!

Je t’embrasse.

OH, and here’s to my little bro…



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Sep 4 2009

Childhood Summer days

Friday again, weeks go faster and faster it seems…
and Summer is almost over.
It’s Autumn (at least the weather is) overhere in the Netherlands –
dark clouds rush through the sky. There’s a strong wind blowing.
Sometimes the low sun shines through a hole in the clouds,
and shines on the trees in the park – the leaves still green
but it won’t take long until the park colours yellow, red and gold. 
I can already smell it in the air…
my favourite season is about to start! 

Why am I telling this?
Well, I always turn a bit
melancholic in the Fall,
and this Lotus sketch
inspired me to make
a melancholic layout…

(How does it
inspire you?
Play along at
Lotus Paperie
and show us!) 

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Jul 27 2009

Catching up…

This is going to be a chaotic post… with a lot of randomness.
Things are a bit hectic at the moment and the more I create,
the more my “to do” list seems to grow instead of shrink.
I discovered some new blogs/artists lately (thanks to
the buried treasure project) and the inspiration has taken flight!
I just can’t choose where to start or what to begin with.
Lots of images/ideas/possibilities whirl through my head and I guess
it all has to descend and find it’s place before I can filter “my own thing”
out of it.

Do I sound a bit cryptic? Sorry, my English writing is not bad but
when it comes to explaining mixed feelings inside it’s hard to find
the right words in another language…

So let’s stop talking and let’s start showing!

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Jun 30 2009

Lotus Paperie sneak peek
and an award again

Last weekend, I had lots of fun playing with my SISters on the forum!
A bunch of girls entered my “Dazzling Decades” challenge, and each of them made a lovely lay out interpreting my instructions in their own way –
I loved every single one and had a hard time picking a winner!
The only thing is… I didn’t scrap myself at all this weekend!

I did something though: I challenged myself by asking the girls to send me a photo, which I edited in several ways (if you wanna see the results, I put them in my  SIS gallery – just click on the “SIS” logo in the side menu and go to my portfolio)

But I can show you a tiny little something of what I did yesterday…

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Jun 1 2009

Alice sneak peek

One sunny holiday weekend in Holland, and I weed my garden (applause please!) got me a tan and did some scrapping! Not that I can show you that much… most of what I did must stay secret for a while longer, but I want to show you at least a tiny little bit. If only just to prove I didn’t lost my mojo…

I worked on the “Alice in Wonderland Circle Journal” today – and spend quite some time finding the right “form” for something. It was all in my head, but it didn’t work out the way I expected so I had to think of something else… I know, it sounds a bit mysterious but I don’t want to give away too much. Anyway, I can tell you it’s finished now; my pages are ready to send of to Bree! She will bind all the different pages from the participants together, and in time I will get a complete “Alice Journal” back in the mail. Can’t wait to see what the other ladies will create inspired by Alice!

Here’s a tiny little peek of what I made
(wanna see a bit more? Keep reading…)

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Mar 27 2009

Sneak peek

I made a little something for Lou and Helen (see this post)
I like both “things” equally although there are a lot of differences.
And some things in common.
(As the ladies themselves, I presume)

I visited their blogs several times, and tried to participate on what I saw
(and think they like)

Now that I’ve finished crafting, I’ll pack all the stuff, bring it to the post office and send it of to you ladies, so keep looking for the postman next week!

But of course I made pictures first, so let’s make you curious….


 Sneak peek for LOU











 Sneak peek for HELEN









Have a great/creative weekend you all and see you soon!
Je t’embrasse!

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