Jul 2 2010

Hot and groovy!
(Freewheelin’ Friday #28)

Apologies for being absent on your (and my) blog last week…
you know it’s HOT in the Netherlands (98 degrees today!) and upstairs,
where the computer is, temperature rises even higher!
Not only I can’t stand it – my computer can’t handle it either (he’s almost
ready to retire) so most of the day I let him rest and cool off….

But this  morning he will have to work a bit ’cause I will give you a little
update on last week before I let him sleep again… He better work with me!

Hi! Good morning friends! How are you all! Not melted yet?

Since my son was away all week, I could work on “you know what…”
and here’s a little sneak for you


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Dec 20 2009


…at last!

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