Oct 22 2010

Moments in time
(Freewheelin’ Friday #44)

Michelle and I had such fun last Wednesday!
We prepared our workshop community group and after that, we invited
all the participants to come on in… and BOY, they did just that!!!!
It was so much fun to see them coming, putting profiles up,
chatting on the boards and being all enthusiastic over our welcome video!!!

And only a moment ago, Michelle posted the first Mixed Emotions lesson
in the workshop community… we’re on our way on yet another fun journey,
and a whole bunch of nice and creative women are traveling right with us!
I’m such a happy girl today!


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Apr 9 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#17)

I’m sorry I am so late with writing my post today,
were you waiting for me already?

I had a busy day – not much freewheelin’ for me –
but I am here now and I got some things to show you!

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Jan 19 2010


Most scrappers are their own worst critics… I know I am!
But to each other we are oh-so nice and gentle.
Usually, scrappers focus on the good things in other people’s work,
and leave compliments to give someone that extra boost to go on.
I like that! I really do! But this time, feel free to criticize my layout.
What’s more: I ask you to!!!

I know there’s something “wrong” with my last layout.
I even know WHY that is… but don’t see the “wrong” part that clearly…

So take a good look at this layout, and CRITICIZE IT! 
Tell me what’s wrong with it!
(maybe that’s even nice to do for a change!)

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May 20 2009



Yep, I lost it for a couple of days. Of course it always returns, I know that, but after a few days I got a little bit worried anyway… I had the time to create and no inspiration at all! That’s pretty frustrating!

But, eventually, it returned to me on Monday… and so I say:

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May 14 2009

He’s my man!

May I introduce you to

It must have been 1996, when this man gave me the album “I’m your man” by Leonard Cohen. He wasn’t quite “my man” then but he for saw that one day he would be, and he
was right. Since 1998 we are together. And by “together”
I mean all day and all night
long. We own a small company together, work together, sleep, eat, laugh, argue and experience life together.
Every hour of the day…

Most women love to have time for themselves, when their husband goes to work, but I am perfectly happy being together with him all the time!

So when my son made this photo of him, a few weeks ago, I knew immediately this was the pic I was going to use with the song “I’m Your Man” in my Leonard Cohen Art Journal.

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May 11 2009



And look where it brought me… I “met” a lot of lovely scrapbookers from all over the world, it brought me tons of inspiration, I got nice feedback and sweet words from all of you, it got me in a Design Team and I have some true followers who read my blog and inspire me to keep on going –
I wanna thank you all!!!
So ladies, keep on visiting me and 6 months from now I will offer you all some nice goodies; the one-year-online-date will not go by unnoticed, I promise!

Because I had a party going on here since Friday (see former post) and a lot to organize and re-organize, I forgot to show you some lay outs – tell you things etc. etc. This post is to catch up with all that so beware… this will be a chaotic post with lots of random stuff and some lovely pics!!!

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