Mar 18 2009

Once upon a time…

…there was this girl.


and she studied Arts at the school for Art Teachers….

This is not a fairytale – if you read my post about “Lord of the Rings” (03-13)
you knew already that the girl is me (in 1988/1989 – still young and pretty.)
I asked you if you’d like to see pictures of my former work and the objects at my graduation exhibition and you answered you’d like that so I searched for my logbook and photo’s.

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Feb 11 2009

A mystery gift and
some family history

When I was twenty, I lived with others in one house.
(We don’t know “student campus” in Holland, students usually share
a “normal” house) There where four girls in the house. Two of them lived on the ground floor, sharing a kitchen and bathroom, and I lived upstairs with Lenny. Lenny and I shared not only the kitchen & the bathroom but also our clothes, our thoughts, our sorrows… our lives!
She became a very close friend, more like a sister (we both never had) and
I still call her “sis” sometimes!
I don’t see her very often, she moved and I moved, but we write long letters and once in a while we come together. Last Thursday we did, we had dinner in a nice little restaurant and she brought me a gift!
It came in this
little, paper bag
(although Lenny doesn’t scrap, she shares my love for beautiful paper!) which made it look somewhat mysterious…
but the gift inside was sort of a mystery too!  


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