Jan 12 2010

Longing for days…

…like this!

I’ve seen enough snow… thank you.
It was very nice – we don’t have snow often anymore in the Netherlands – but
I’ve seen it by now. I felt it, I walked through it and I photographed it.
I did everything I wanted to do, so can it please melt now?

I also miss my creating time… No, I have nothing new to show you.
I work my ass off writing the lessons down for the workshop – the community
is tested and ready to go (just some slight hitches left, my beloved is working
on that) and it will all be up and running in time. Yeah!

But still… I’m longing for some sunshine and walking bare feet again!
How are you?

Je t’embrasse!

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May 25 2009

Summer weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Temperatures were Summer-like and I spend Saturday playing with glue… Alice wasn’t in Wonderland, but on my big crafting table, very much alive and laughing! (Sneak peek soon to come!)

Late in the afternoon, I got a phone call and it was a big surprise to hear my niece Lisa talking from me all the way from Canada!!! She spend the weekend at home (on Sunday, she had to go back to the hospital again) and it was so nice to hear her voice!!! She wears a bodice to protect her back and a collar (as you know she broke her neck and back) and she can’t use her left arm, so she’s handicapped but was glad to spend a weekend at home with her parents and brother! She has to wear all that “gear” for at least another few Months (we don’t know how long) and it’s not sure if her arm/hand will recover either, but at least she walks and talks and sounded good! Hooray for my strong niece!!!

On Sunday, we drove to my parents in Zeeland where we spend the day sitting in the garden, laughing and talking and getting a tan! I also payed my friend Lena a short visit, and she informed me that there was something wrong with the menu on top of my blog…. It’s fixed now but I’m sorry I asked you all to take a look at my gallery and pick your favourite lay out, while the menu
wasn’t working!!! So here’s my question again! Which of my lay outs would you pick as your favourite? Take a look at the gallery and let me know, I’m curious!

OK, enough with the talking!
You’re all here to see my latest work so I’ll show you some pictures of
the lay outs I finished last week, but didn’t publish earlier ’cause the
“Lotus introduction post” got in the way…

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