Jan 30 2009

MEGA Marit!

ScrapMojo challenge #29 got me going!!!!

“Our next challenge comes with a big “POW”, “CRACK”, “BOOM”.
Everyday life can be stressful. We know you all have your own mini adventures going on around your house and some might even call you
a superhero. We fight battles big or small and fix many many things.
We want to know what superhero name you would give yourself.
It can be something silly or maybe something really heartfelt.
Whatever it may be we want to see you scrap it.
The second part of the challenge is to tear something.
A paper or a book page anything just tear it and use it on your creation.”

I had no problem at all seeing myself as a superwoman, ’cause:
“I’m every woman, it’s all in me” (Chaka Khan/Whitney Houston)

  I’m a listener…  I’m a reader & a writer…

 I’m a gardener… I’m a (scrap) artist…

 I’m a cook…  I’m a cleaning woman…

 I’m a shopping service

I AM……

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Jan 26 2009


My son and I had a photo shoot last weekend, and man, did we had fun!
I realy DID feel like superwoman when I saw this picture of myself…


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