Jul 3 2009

Come into my garden
Lotus challenge #131

This is gonna be a short post!
Just some photo’s… and a few words.
In Holland, we’re not used to hot temperatures –
most of the time our country is cold and windy.
And in Summertime pleasant, easy-going weather,
like 24º Celsius (75 Fahrenheit)
It is 30ºC right now! (86 degrees Fahrenheit)
That is – outside it is,
at my computer it must be more….
I’m melting!
The computer is melting!
I won’t visit blogs or talk on the boards ’till this heat is over…
The forecast says it should be over this weekend.
Or at least on Monday.
Keep your fingers crossed, or I will end up as a puddle.

Anyway, I have
a tiny little bit
of energy left
to show you
my take on the
Lotus Paperie
challenge #131
which is:
“hand cut the
pattern out of
pattern paper”



You won’t see that (much) on this photo though… this photo is a detail
of my self made flower. (Remember the sneak peek?)

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Feb 8 2009

Watching the world go by…

… that’s what he did, Jan Maljers.
My great great grandfather.
(Yep, that’s two times “great” and not a typing error)
He sat there in his chair and watched the world go by…

And me?
I’m right in the middle with my scrap paper & lace & paint & photographs 
& emballisments & stickers,
and I play!
I played a lot this weekend.
Got my mojo runnin’ girls!

So here’s my second post this weekend, including a new lay out.

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