Mar 29 2010

One day…

…you wake up realizing the fantastic weekend you had is over.
It’s Monday and you feel a bit awkward, due to the time change.
Last weekend, you moved the clock one hour forward, and while in your head
it’s still early the alarmclock tells you the morning has long begun…

You stumble out of bed. Your eyes aren’t fully open yet…
You went to bed way too late – that stupid hour change.
You put on the coffee and look at a strange newspaper (???)
Ah, suddenly you remember… the newspaper changed
from broadsheet to tabloid.

After you had your coffee, you begin to live a bit…
enough to get ready for the day (which, by the way,
started hours before you opened your eyes.)
You put on the computer to see if there’s any news
and then….

then you see that your layout titled “One Day”



My eyes are open wide now.
I’m in the hall of fame!!!!
I’m fully awake now!!!!
Enough to “think and write” in English so let me tell you about my weekend…

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Nov 18 2009

Winners and results

We have a winner!!!!
(in fact, we have more winners…. keep on reading!)

I don’t like those
random number
generators, so I
draw the names
for my blogiversary
give-away the old
fashioned way…
to be precise –
I didn’t draw them
at all! I let my son
do the drawing
while I took
photo’s, so you can
blame him if you’re not in (teehee!)

We used this “From-Canada-made-by-native-Americans-but-I-think-it-came-
straight-out-of-a-factory” pot. 

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Aug 7 2009


My second post on one day – what the h….

But this girl is waaaayyyy happy!
Not only did I win the “One Little Word” challenge last week
and a KIT over at Corinne’s blog

I also won The Next Step ‘s monthly prize!!!!

OH.MY!!!! This is gonna be ONE. HAPPY. WEEKEND!!!

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Aug 1 2009

Abacadabra…. WINNER!

I invited my alter ego today to help me pick the winner of my #100 post.



Her name is Tiram,
and she brought
along her
apprentice Tuon.






There were a lot
of reactions on 
my post #100,
and I thank
every one of you
for your
nice words!
18 people also came
with a challenge
to go with the
shown photo’s
These 18 names
went in Tuon’s hat.  


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May 11 2009



And look where it brought me… I “met” a lot of lovely scrapbookers from all over the world, it brought me tons of inspiration, I got nice feedback and sweet words from all of you, it got me in a Design Team and I have some true followers who read my blog and inspire me to keep on going –
I wanna thank you all!!!
So ladies, keep on visiting me and 6 months from now I will offer you all some nice goodies; the one-year-online-date will not go by unnoticed, I promise!

Because I had a party going on here since Friday (see former post) and a lot to organize and re-organize, I forgot to show you some lay outs – tell you things etc. etc. This post is to catch up with all that so beware… this will be a chaotic post with lots of random stuff and some lovely pics!!!

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