Sep 14 2010

The ring my mom took off…

Thanks for the nice compliments on my “symbolic rings” layout (see
former post
) And thanks Lena, for pointing this out to me:

“Oops… I just caught you telling a little lie…
Your mom did take off one of her rings.
The one she bought after chapter one.
She gave that one away to the winner of a little witch contest.
Guess who that winner was…
Yep, my dd Carmen and she still wears that ring!!
(send you a pic later!)”

Lena is right, my mom DID take one ring off…
I found the old pictures of the book presentation (October 2006)
so here is another “little witch story” for you!


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Nov 15 2008

gift coupon

Besides through phonecalls, letters and visits, my mum and dad can also follow my (scrap)life on this blog now, and I know they do… (Hi mum, hi dad!)
Last week I received a postcard from my mum who read my “season of the witch” journaling, and I can tell she liked it because the postcard said:
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