Dec 3 2010

Reasons to smile #1
(Reflections on 2010)

Most bloggers use the last week of the year to reflect on the year that’s gone
by, but since the top 2000 will be up and runnin’ by then (see post on top!),
I thought I do it now. Not all at once,  but I will use the next blog posts to
reflect on something creative I did last year.
(And yes, there will be some new work to show every now and then!)

Like a lot of bloggers, I picked a ‘word of the year’ for 2010.
So let’s see what became of that…


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Jul 15 2010

There, I said it again!
(buried treasure 2010)

I discovered Seths’ blog The Altered Page over a year ago, and he still
inspires me  a lot! Last year, I collaborated in his “buried treasure project”
– which was all about digging up an old blogpost and re-posting it. Was that
really a year ago??? It was, ’cause I received an e-mail from Seth that he is
doing it again and he asked if I would participate in it once again…

“While many blog readers will enjoy seeing your favorites all on one day,
I think this also very enjoyable for us bloggers. It gives us a reason to look
back through our own archives, see what we have done and how we have
grown as artists, and chose a post (or posts) that for us is very meaningful!”

Of course I’m in Seth! If only to show that a lot of things can happen in a year!
I dug up a meaningful post which was the early beginning of me to “go for it”
Since that post, I build my own website with an online community and taught
two online workshops already! I’m happy to say it was and is a success!!!

It’s special to re-publish the post witch made me come out and start showing
and doing what I really want: teaching (online) art journal workshops in my
own community! (for you who haven’t seen it yet: Marit’s Paper World)

And here’s my old post from September 2009…


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May 4 2010

Registration for this workshop is closed!

Check out my online workshop “A Creative Art Journey”


First lesson is up, second lesson will be up at May 11 and after that (May 12)
registration closes!

A tutorial on how to make this box will be available in the workshop.
Interested? Then hurry, and register!

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Jan 6 2010

Reflections on past and future
(and a sneak!)

Last week, a lot of resolutions and “words of the year” popped up
on a lot of blogs, and that got me wondering…
Should I make resolutions?
Should I pick a word of the year?
Will it help me focus?

You sure got me thinking and reflecting girls!

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Dec 21 2009

Do I have news for you…!!!

Today is the day….



(see me making a happy dance???)

Those of you who follow my blog, know I was working on my website
and preparing my first workshop…
After I put my survey online (October) and got the results back,
I analysed the answers and I learned an awful lot about what you expect 
from a workshop; the good things, the bad things and the “traps”.

I also received a lot of positive and cheering mails and comments,
thank you so much for that!!! It really helped me through the bad days.
Days of “what was I thinking” and “nobody wants me”….
On those days, I looked at your mails, surfed to your blogs and 
got energy from YOU to go on realizing my dream.

Thanks also to Marius (my love), Nout (my son) and my parents
(thanks pa!) for all the support (technical and otherwise…!)
I couldn’t have done this without you!!!


(drumroll please…)

visit my website:           MARIT’S SCRAPWORLD

(and let me know what you think!)

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Nov 18 2009

Winners and results

We have a winner!!!!
(in fact, we have more winners…. keep on reading!)

I don’t like those
random number
generators, so I
draw the names
for my blogiversary
give-away the old
fashioned way…
to be precise –
I didn’t draw them
at all! I let my son
do the drawing
while I took
photo’s, so you can
blame him if you’re not in (teehee!)

We used this “From-Canada-made-by-native-Americans-but-I-think-it-came-
straight-out-of-a-factory” pot. 

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Oct 27 2009

I need your opinion!

A few weeks ago I mentioned on my blog that I would love to give
workshops. After I wrote that, I got so much lovely, enthusiastic and
encouraging reactions that I decided to suit the action to the word
and go for it!

Now of course there are multiple ways to set up such a thing.
Because we have our own company in web-building and web design
– and my beloved is a computer expert – I have the possibility to
set it up on a professional base with, for example, a community site 
where students can participate in workshops in private groups, chat 
with each other and upload their work.
But teaching workshops “in real live” would be possible too…

Now if you know me, you will not be surprise to know that I handle 
things seriously. Before I start things up, I like to do a little analysis
and I set up a little survey. This way I hope to learn more of the opinion
of others… of YOU!!! what do you expect to find at a workshop?  
Your answers will hopefully give me a better idea of the wishes and
desires from “future students”

So what would YOU like to learn from a workshop?
Please, fill in my little survey.

For the Dutch version – click here

For the English version – click here

EDITED 11/16 
The online survey is due. Thank you all so much for your participation!

And now that this survey is online, I have my hands free to go
scrapping again!! YEAH! Although I had a lot of fun creating and
designing this survey, I’m glad to spend some time with real paper
and glue again tomorrow. So I hope I will be able to show you some 
layouts in the next post.
See you then!

Je t’embrasse!

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