Dec 6 2011

Join the top 2000

Yessss… the top 2000 list is online – so hereby I announce my

You foreign visitors, don’t stop reading ’cause



History / the ‘basics’:

From Christmas to New Year,  the Radio 2 team presents the 2000
favorite songs of the listeners. 24 hours a day! You can listen to this
156-hour musical marathon on the website or tune in on Radio 2.

as an ‘extra’ – the radio broadcasting will be linked to my blog,
so you only have to tune in to my blog to hear the music play!

The broadcasting starts on Saturday, December 25 at 12.o0 a.m CET
and will go on ’till Friday, December 31 midnight – when the #1 will
play on the radio.

24 hours, day and night: MUSIC!

You can find the top 2000 list with all the songs and dates online now!!!

Click on the link to the top 2000 list in my side menu
to find the list and feel free to grab that funky blinkie
to celebrate our Musical Party week!

(NOTE: some of you have who played along last year, may have
the blinkie on their blogs already – please replace it with the new code
- last year’s code linked to the old blog. Thank you!)

Here’s a screen dump of the online page so you have an idea where to look.


The broadcasting will start with playing number 2000
(Nathalie Imbruglia – Torn) and work their way up to the number one.

The Creative Party on my blog:

Here are the ‘rules’ of the party.

  • Pick a song (or more) from the top 2000 list and use the song
    as inspiration for your art. (Interpret freely – no rules!)
    You can create art in every form: scrap layouts, drawings,
    paintings, art journal pages, photos, postcards, ATC’s… whatever!
  • E-mail me a photo of your work (find the e-mail in the side menu)
    In your e-mail, please state
    - name of the artist
    - song title
    - what number the song is in the top 2000 list
    - date of broadcasting (see last column in the top 2000 list)
    - your name
    - link to your website/blog (if you have one)

    I will publish your work on my blog with your name and link
    on the day the song is playing on the radio/Internet.

  • The blog party starts at the same time as the radio broadcasts
    (December 25 – 12.oo/noon CET) and will go on until New Year’s day.
    Following the list (Central European Time), new blogposts go online
    at midnight. If e-mails with new art come in later I will add the photos
    to the post during the day.
  • A number at the top of each post will tell you how many art pieces
    are published in that day’s post, so you can keep track of new art
    that was added during the day.
  • You can play once, twice, every day… make only one piece
    or – like me – take that last week of the year off and spend it
    in your studio with the radio on, creating something every day.
    It’s all up to you. You might even want to start right now!

Scroll through the archives here if you want to get a view on former years.

Are you in for this top 2000 Musical blog party?
Then what are you waiting for?
As of now, you can send your art to me so choose a song from the list
and start creating!

This party is open to everyone from all over the world!
After all, music is international, isn’t it?!!


(Oh, and spread the word!)

I can’t wait to see what wonderful art I will find in my mailbox!

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