On paper wings

Years ago I discovered Jenny de Bode and her art. We initially exchanged a number of business emails, but very soon our contact changed – we found each other as soul sisters and in 2015 we decided to embark on a creative collaborative project. For two years we intermittently sent each other art pages with a accompanying letter. The work consists of mixed media pages, collages, drawings and text – it was an experiment in which we inspired each other immensly. Our words and images flew ahead on paper wings or arrived in wobbly boats, the story (about a sea girl and an earth child) seemed to take a life of its own and wrote itself.

Our paper quest came to an end and lay on the shelf for quite some time, until my beloved picked it up and turned those loose pieces of art into a virtual book. He designed a fairytale cover and thanks to him everyone can now turn the virtual pages (accompanied by the crackling sound of paper) and read our story. We take you to underground caves, through dark forests and across raging seas. The texts are mostly in Dutch but the art will lead the way.
Click on the image, open the book and travel along!