Online Workshops

Impressions of various online workshops and work by students.

Let It Loose

Create and bind your own art journal.

This workshop will loosen you up and take you a step further in creating your own, unique art journal pages. You’ll learn some basic writing techniques to improve your journaling and you will get tips and techniques to use your own handwriting (You dislike your own handwriting? You might be surprised what you can do with it!)

A Creative Art Journey

This workshop combines art history with scrapping/art journaling.

If you love art journaling and are eager to learn some art history along the way, this is the workshop for you! In 12 lessons you will be introduced to 12 different art periods in time. Each lesson concentrates on a specific art period, handling the characteristics and showing the artists and highlights. Every lesson comes with multiple prompts – inspired by the specific period/art – from which you can choose which one suites you best.

Mixed Emotions

Duo-workshop with Michelle Rydell. You will create a minimum of 10 art journal pages together with a matching folder to store your work.

Art journaling focuses on putting your personal thoughts and emotions on paper. You don’t always have to use words to do that! Even if you’re not much of a writer you can create meaningful art journal pages because an emotion can be expressed through a photograph, a color, a material or a particular technique. In this workshop we will explore one specific emotion each lesson, and take that emotion as the basis to create a personal art journal page. You are encouraged to explore your inner world and your perception of your emotions and turn them into art journal pages. Each lesson also explains a different technique, step-by-step, through photos or an instructional video.